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5/19/2020 c2 9ArielApostolos
Ugh, put a fucking warning in your story for rape, asshole.
12/7/2019 c2 1SilverHarmonyLover
A little warning about rape scenes would be nice for those who would like to skip them.
7/2/2019 c6 wolfzero7
Does she still have mudblood carved into her arm? That was a cursed scar right?
6/6/2019 c8 Guest
Sorry but im gonna back off a little and see in the future were it goes.
I was more interested in the plot than that.
6/4/2019 c7 tatu2215
Ohhhh, I like this concept! Please update soon.
6/4/2019 c7 8LoveDrugs
Absolutly amazing !
Huge fan of your story here !
Please update quickly :D
5/20/2019 c6 PoshaQueen
please update soon this is interesting
5/19/2019 c6 kpop1392as
I enjoyed reading this chapter. It amuses me how touchy and flirty Bella and Andie are, and so far Cissy is the youngest of the sisters and is serious and no nonsense type of woman.
5/18/2019 c6 Guest
Pretty interesting. Can't wait for the next one.
5/3/2019 c5 Guest
This is awesome _ please go on
5/2/2019 c5 2Darkshadow-lord
Great Little Chapter! Looking forward to reading the next!
4/30/2019 c5 GISA103
My good God this tale is perfect.
Thank you so much for this epic story.
Pleaseee more.
4/30/2019 c5 DeJee
Heemione should realllly learn occulumcy is there a reason that so many want her?
4/27/2019 c4 Guest
Good story ! I’m looking for the next chapter !
Keep the good work author
4/21/2019 c4 DeJee
I like this story
What happened to miones mudblood scar? Did her consciousness transfer to a different dimension so that she inhabits the body of this worlds hermione or dis her body transfer into this dimension? Is her body 17 or 15?
Why are all the woman so attracted to her?
How did she get the last name Granger?
What did the sorting hat mean when he said Hogwarts?
Why is Dumbledore such an ass to send her to the orphanage when he promised not to?
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