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19h c98 DJman248
Hello again! Been a while, and all I can say is...that getting sick is not fun...especially when it mentally checks me out and more or less forces me to reread the last few chapters to mentally catch up with this story!

But anyway...onto the review:

Well, Ren's point of view certainly checks the usual boxes for our dear sword boy:

-frustration of not being strong enough to get the job done
-inferiority complex about as big as half the continent that he hides very well under his resting brooding face.

That aside, it's quite a treat to have Ren check in with himself on the ramifications of just how out of their depth the three heroes are due to their initial delusions over this world and their role in it. So many thinga taken for granted when thinking about something like a videogame...understanding geographies, politics, advanced battle tactics and what not.

It's really no wonder the heroes are being treated by the nobles here like overpowered children...since that's what they functionally are until proven otherwise. Not that it makes some their condescending attitude any more helpful, but at least it makes it understandable. Though I would say the fact that the overall reaction to one of the four heroes being accused and persecuted being so...understated is quite...telling.

On another note, that fight against the undead thunder lizard (now known as Zilla) was quite the written spectacle. You certainly shown how none of the heroes have truly reached their stride (as Reichnott tried to gently assert during the mission briefing) since this threat, while disastrous, isn't exactly the kind of world ending threat the heroes have to prepare themselves to face eventually.

Also...I must say, I certainly felt quite the urge to laugh and cheer when I realized that, yes, you absolutely did have Motoyasu pull off the closest plausible equivalent of a spirit bomb in this fic and beat an undead dragon with it. Like...that's just pure hype, my good sir. Very well done!

Sidenote: From Ren's point of view, Motoyasu brushing off Itsuki's suspicion of Seliph x Julia is hilarious because by this point I can't quite tell if he still seeiously believes it despite increasing reasons to consider it or is just in serious denial XD

Double side note: Let me get this straight: the undead thunder dragon that was being nicknamed "Godzilla" by the three heroes...was actually named are very cheeky XD
12/2 c37 TheRightPrice
Ugh, the RWBY characters...
12/2 c101 Svampmannen
My lowbrow self just though of disguised Naofumi using his baloon-pets as fake-breasts. Ah, but it's probably better to not have that, even discounting how it wouldn't match the tone.

I always find it interesting to see characters who are genuinly straight up white hat-heroic in a setting that generally goes for gritty. So it was a neat to see that some of these knights are actually on board with escorting what they belive to be commoner pilgrims, even if they could just say that they're after the bragging-rights and/or just have the vision in mind. So that was neat.
12/1 c33 TheRightPrice
A scene straight out of Man of Steel.
12/1 c2 2006toni
11/29 c102 Dasgun
11/28 c101 40lord Martiya
So, Malty didn't even have time to try and be a difficult child that WN! Raphtalia started gunning for her? That goddess needs a hobby.
11/28 c102 Mernom
How can Naofumi communicate with people other then Malty? He's no longer a Hero, and as such doesn't have the translation function of the Legendary Weapon.
11/28 c102 3RonaldM40196867
Magical disease? Great, just what the world needs…

Would you want magical medicine to exist?
11/28 c96 Mernom
Didn't Naofumi warn the dude about the Thunder Lizard? Did they not get to it in time?
11/27 c94 Mernom
Missed opportunity to unveil Malty here. A character who knows her true identity, and has every intention of inconveniencing her, and would've been advantageous if Naofumi learned the truth and stopped trusting Malty over it.
Only for Naofumi to throw her supposed 'truth' back in her face, revealing how different THIS Malty is from whoever she used to know.

Also, I like the idea of taking the shield away. I had a story idea about adding a character to the shield party who's VERY MUCH against slavery, and decides not to re join the party after the second wave banquet, and follow their POV as they adventure the HeroVerse without a Hero party.
11/27 c102 1Argus456
*blinks* Well, that was certainly unexpected and ominous. Safe to say that that Mein's plan to run off when the Knights are distracted is a bust. She could still make a break for it but I doubt Naofumi would be willing to leave whatever this 'crusade' is alone, even if he is without her signature shield.
11/26 c1 guifarroc889
Well, I'm not one to write comments... But I'll make an exception...

I'm doing a shield hero reacting story and I was wondering if you would let me show a chapter of your story..

Please...Sure if you can
11/26 c101 guifarroc889
Bueno no soy alguien de escribir comentarios... Pero haré una excepción..

Estoy haciendo una historia de shield héro reaccionando y me preguntaba si me dejabas mostrar un capítulo de tu historia..

Por favor (claro si quieres)
11/26 c101 CarlosGuifarro
Bueno no soy alguien de escribir comentarios... Pero haré una excepción..

Estoy haciendo una historia de shield héro reaccionando y me preguntaba si me dejabas mostrar un capítulo de tu historia..

Por favor (solo si tú quieres)
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