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10/20/2019 c14 starburst98
Once he finds out a level makes her grow super fast he will question why everyone just let him assume he needs to buy custom armor.
10/20/2019 c14 2KiroZen
Sure you aren't, "Myne".

Your excuses are as fake as your alias.

And yeah, PTSD is a hell of an experience, even if it's severely understated in canon.

Doubtlessly Naofumi's going to be lacking some sleep for a few nights.
10/20/2019 c14 5Pyromania101
Could've done without the toilet humor, and excuse my bluntness, but I think you need a new editor.
10/20/2019 c13 7Ace-Triad
Attention all readers: This is the SPAG editor here - sorry for any delays in SPAG editing - I needed to get a grip on work and life - you won't see these errors again should we set a hard deadline in the future - Yours Truly - A - also keyboard is not working right now
10/20/2019 c13 2wyldecolt
Two small things:

"incestuous hero" is basically accusing Naofumi of having sex with his own family... which isn't really something anyone can accuse him of since he has no family in this world and no one can prove anything about his otherworld family. I think that perhaps "insidious hero" would work better since they do consider Naofumi to be crafty/treacherous.

"to moan for his passing" is technically not totally incorrect, since moaning/crying happens when someone is grieving. But it would be properly phrased as "to mourn his passing" as 'mourn' is another word for grieving/bereavement. Besides that, moaning can also carry a sexual context that makes it look even odder when applied - wailing is a more popular term to use these days when referring to someone crying and grieving loudly.
10/10/2019 c13 Lovinalover93
It's good i don't read the rising of the shield hero or witch the anime and this make me want to write a fanfiction when someone is reincarnate as myne/malty . Myne will still be in naofumi party when her trie identités will be discovered ? Your myne is a take by the flow type of girl ? Like she start to truly love her party and naofumi but tell in her mind that she make that for the queen position, melty will still join naofumi 's party ?
10/9/2019 c13 Dr. krilin
Hey, ¿ me recuerdas ? Soy el mexicano de antes, como sea, la verdad me encantó el capítulo, es relajante ver que naofumi no tiene que enfrentarse a literalmente todo el reino.
Ciertamente tengo un poco de miedo a que malty intente hacerle algo a eclair si se les une, y me da curiosidad cual es la reliquia familiar que tienen... Supongo que habrá que esperar.

Como siempre, saludos desde México :D
10/9/2019 c12 3Jose The Insane 777
Great Story, you got going on everything is going natural, and although I can't change anything can you find a way for Naofumi to end up back in his Orginal Armor, and it good to see the Myne still is a bic th and has a long road ahead to change!
10/7/2019 c13 6Merceni
Some grammatical/spelling errors in the latest chapter. Plot is enjoyable to read, though the thing with Mein’s descriptions of the balloons as some form of evil is overdone at this point and can be toned down.
10/7/2019 c13 40lord Martiya
This was interesting-and raises more than a few questions. But the only one I will as for now is: was Mein a maid?
10/7/2019 c13 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. I wonder if Malty is maturing more then in canon. And most likely this knight will join Naofumi.
10/7/2019 c13 VulpineSnow
Good OC from another good story. Loved that guy's reaction to hearing the Four Heroes were all from the same world. Oops. XD

But yeah, good on this branch off, to see that not everybody eats the 3HC's lies and that Aultcray is more than the "trash king" he's dubbed as in canon.
10/7/2019 c13 2MaveriKat
OH my, oh my... so many players behind the scenes... and we find out that Malty is pretty much a newb when it comes to setting such plans. I hope Éclair has what it takes to change the fate of a Cardinal Hero, if she can manage to team up with one of them.
10/7/2019 c13 5Pyromania101
You keep misspelling the king's name. It's Aultcray.
10/7/2019 c13 2Commissar Gaunt
The next monkey wrench is now played. Soon the game begins in earnest.
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