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for Ambition of the Red Princess

1/12/2020 c19 Guest
20 days for this short chapter... Man how i hate that the BEST stories on this site tales a long ass time... RIP broseph may you return to us and gives us glorious GAR levels of awesome

Keep Up the hype train chu chu!
1/12/2020 c19 iluvfairytale
I'm looking forward to Naofumi's P.O.V. Maybe he sees the red flags but ignores them because he's stupidly, lowkey in love. Or even better, completely privy to her nefarious intentions and adores her anyway.
1/12/2020 c19 27Apex85
Malty bonding was surprisingly sweet.
1/12/2020 c19 14Celestia's Paladin
Malty is a better person she gives herself credit for. Not leave Rapth behind is telling. And the original Mein... Well damn.
1/12/2020 c19 calderoneric758
Dude few questions when is malty gonna explode at her mom from what I see she does care for younger sister back then to a degree and idea remember mashu her shield attacks and defends and if he gets captain america shield he can throw that shield like a frisbee and the enemy will take alot of damage also remember avengers infinity war with caps new shield are they really a shield or just gauntlets
1/12/2020 c18 Celestia's Paladin
Let me preface this by saying thsr I have not read or watched Shield Hero. The first main plot point reminds me too much of something I dispise in fanfiction, and Malty's fate just rubs me the wrong way. Still like the lore and the world though.

So onto the review: read some crossovers for the series and decided to look at non-crossovers, spacificly one centered around Malty, and this was one of the first to grab my attention since I am a sucker of well written AUs and possible redemption stories. 18 chapters in and I'm figuring that this won't be a redemption story, Malty might become a better person but she is still scheming sociopath. Though I'm guessing the next few chapters will show her being more than that.

I like the characters in this, adding some depth without handwaving away their flaws is always a plus, and expanding on the world. Explains why something are you way the are.

I'm going to keep following this, even if Malty/Naofumi isn't going to be the endgame... I hope it is but I know it's going to be a long road before we get there, and Malty will have better herself
1/10/2020 c1 hivavlogs
Amazing I. Ned more!
1/7/2020 c18 2MaveriKat
Well, hello-hello! Seems there's quite a bit more worth to those mines than canon would have us believe. However, as Malty is coming to find, nothing ventured means nothing gained. But hey, maybe shell be the one to help Raphtalia get over her fear of canid monsters.
1/3/2020 c18 Guest1
Basically maybe the summoners tried to summon the closest people that are similar to the previous 3 heroes instead of letting the weapons themselves choose their next wielder. That’s probably why Naofumi seems to be the only good hero around compared to the others. the shield itself chose Naofumi not the summoners.
Heck maybe the summoners of the previous shield hero did the same thing. Which is why the previous shield hero was terrible.

This might be some cool lore that could be added into this great story, but it’s up to you. I’m ok if it’s not and that it’s just reference to how the current heroes are similar to an anime character.
1/1/2020 c18 Guest
Happy New Year!
12/29/2019 c18 VulpineSnow

Alone time with a "mere" Demi-Human. That will be... fun.

Also, huh, never played the SaGa games.
12/29/2019 c1 Guest
From the moment I first read it I picked up your style of writing
I noticed that you were focused on the techniques that were used to convey your piece and how to lay out the overall foundation for your creation. But, when it comes to writing, you want it to appeal to the audience in a way that feels like there watching a writer dreaming up a master piece, not a student using strict guild-lines that a teacher uses, in order to appeal for a high mark.
Overall, you have to make your artistic viewpoints less noticeable, as if it were a puzzle for the reader to complete, making the writing composed and elegant.
You can also get some examples out of the way I'm critiquing your novel. Work upon it more and you'll get there.
This is a note given to you from both a moderate reader, but also an armature writer. Though I may be armature, I still have more experience than you. So, this can still be of great help to you!
PS, if you are genially serious about writing, like from a career standpoint. Then as an idea to help set the tone of your piece, you should listen to music that you believe fits the atmosphere in your setting. Then change the song to make it suitable for the next scene.
I do this when writing, and it's helping A LOT! I came up with this idea myself!
for example, I would use this song to convey the arrange of emotions when a portentous scene comes into mind
Nightblue Music
Ellise - 911 (Tom Wilson Remix)
12/29/2019 c18 Fire
I agree with you and Night,
How could the author miss the parallel with Naofumi and Malty being in the shadow of their younger sibling?
Not even a realization moment for Naofumi either like “She’s like me... if I became a bitch” like he noticed that parallel and likes to think that unlike Malty, he became for the better while she became literally being the worse, somewhere below Adam Taurus. But you get the idea? Wait you wrote this so you do...
12/29/2019 c18 Guest1
Man, 3/4 of the previous heroes are definitely disappointed of the new heroes.
Now my head canon for this story is that it’s possible that when the “wise” king decided to summon 3 but failed and got all 4 that’s where the hero selection went wrong. the spell accidentally tried to bring back the same 3 previous heroes, because the summoners probably thought that the “previous heroes except the shield were great so let’s have the new ones be like them!” but they couldn’t and got the closest version but none were potentially heroic. Especially the bow, no one can pull an ally of justice like Emiya.

That’s why naofumi is different from the previous shield hero, since it was unintentional for him to be summoned as the shield, that’s why his selection could actually be the most natural.

And now I can imagine that the previous 3 heroes were actually summoned and not reincarnated. Because they returned to their worlds to continue their anime.
12/29/2019 c18 Night
But on the more important thoughts, I’m mostly curious in Malty reuniting with her younger sister, there’s two possibilities,
1. Malty has yet to become nicer to her sister, which leads up to her social status reveal. Questions of trust and drama
Or 1.5. “Big sister is now nice?!”
“Ehhh?!” X 5
2. Malty learns of Naofumi’s very similar parallel with his younger sibling, in fact she might even take the idea of being the older sibling who rescues her younger sibling or do something useful to her family that she could maintain her title as a princess, or even become the heir. Kinda like how Naofumi could stay in his home after helping his brother.
Can’t wait to see what you have planned.
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