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10/7/2019 c13 6Merceni
Some grammatical/spelling errors in the latest chapter. Plot is enjoyable to read, though the thing with Mein’s descriptions of the balloons as some form of evil is overdone at this point and can be toned down.
10/7/2019 c13 40lord Martiya
This was interesting-and raises more than a few questions. But the only one I will as for now is: was Mein a maid?
10/7/2019 c13 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. I wonder if Malty is maturing more then in canon. And most likely this knight will join Naofumi.
10/7/2019 c13 VulpineSnow
Good OC from another good story. Loved that guy's reaction to hearing the Four Heroes were all from the same world. Oops. XD

But yeah, good on this branch off, to see that not everybody eats the 3HC's lies and that Aultcray is more than the "trash king" he's dubbed as in canon.
10/7/2019 c13 2MaveriKat
OH my, oh my... so many players behind the scenes... and we find out that Malty is pretty much a newb when it comes to setting such plans. I hope Éclair has what it takes to change the fate of a Cardinal Hero, if she can manage to team up with one of them.
10/7/2019 c13 5Pyromania101
You keep misspelling the king's name. It's Aultcray.
10/7/2019 c13 3Commissar Gaunt
The next monkey wrench is now played. Soon the game begins in earnest.
10/6/2019 c13 2kyle77776
Why not give him a male version of Shalltear Bloodfallen armor from overlord
10/6/2019 c13 Seth409
Really wonderful work, the interludes allow for much stronger world building without disrupting the flow of the story, so I must congratulate you on these, instead of switching around between different perspectives like a mad man.

Your take on the king is interesting, as it seems to be a bit more, sympathetic I guess. Which intrigues me as to how he'll be handled later, as I suppose with Malty having done nothing technically wrong so far, and she most likely isn't going to hand her father over to the wolves (see the queen), I don't think he's going to show up in a royal execution, or at least not one similar to canon. It's also nice to see the king surrounded himself with people who he can trust, but have a clear head.

All this talk of the pope makes me think he's going to be the main human enemy of the first arc (replacing Malty), but I suppose that depends on when they all decide to enact their schemes.

Nice to see Eclair earlier, and I can't help but guess the obvious choice for her chosen hero (not that that you'll see me complaining about it).

But splendid work as usual, no offence to Comrade Broseph as I can only assume the amount of effort he put in to helping, but you seem to be improving with your writing style that you don't seem to need to run your chapters by him.
10/6/2019 c13 calderoneric758
Why not a male version of mashu from fgo or gawain from th3 fate series and idea remember digimon gallantmon shield of the just have him some how obtain that curse curse and stuff from the wave to cure him and have naofumi go after him and mirelia for what they did with mirelia bad support of a parent to malty and the king for well enough to be said and when said Henrietta please tell me it's not the Henrietta from familar zero
9/28/2019 c12 3Commissar Gaunt
Finally finished Death Traps and going through 3rd AD's records and then beating the Sherman Revisionists over the heads with ORO-T-117... WW2 never ended, it moved to the internet forums.

Well as to this chapter. Excellence. Now Mein moves to her crowd control roll. Meanwhile the King continues on the petty path he is on and everything is set for Naofumi to logically think the Queen is plotting against him and using Melty to undermine him. In reality the King is just that petty and the Queen had nothing to do with the plan and panicked during damage control and realizing what Mein was doing.
9/26/2019 c12 TheVixci
after reading this chapter, i feel like melty or mein just became a yandere for harem protag naofumi-sama
9/26/2019 c12 Guest
Don't rob me of naoufumi wearing his iconic bandit armor!
9/24/2019 c12 2MaveriKat
Very nice chapter... and a nice new change of armor for the Shield Hero. Heh; looks like he can be the "Blue Knight" which gives Ren more leeway to go "Black Knight"... with blue highlights.

Poor Naofumi... I have a feeling with Mein in the party, this is who she'll start to emulate. And while this Mein is certainly a far cry from her canon part, I can't help but feel how the Shield Hero will get twisted around the fingers of two ladies that strive to be #1.
9/24/2019 c12 Guest
Great story love the concept how aboute the balooms evolve every 10 levels granting them each a different special ability for fun strategies .
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