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7/5/2019 c7 Guest
Awesome chapter! I would love to see a change of a heart for Malty as time progresses. Maybe she could be friendly towards raphtalia and filo.
7/4/2019 c8 2BreadNotDead
Hello! I believe I managed to read this story about a week(s) ago? and I only managed to find the time to finally review and favorite this (and to my surprise see it updated hohoho) so I'm incredibly sorry for the delay!

In any case, I would just like to say that I discovered the Rising of the Shield Hero in passing when it still had no anime adaption, and seeing Malty/Mein's character I had to say I found myself thinking she was a wasted character back then. It seemed that she was just a character to be despised, and I'm not particularly fond of characters whose sole existence is just made to be universally hated; it's a rather shallow characterization in my opinion. I remember looking here in hopes of a fic that features her somehow, but unfortunately there wasn't any and the fanfic page for the Shield Hero only had a few fics back then. So when I decided to check back here again out of curiosity this year with the anime trending and all; lo and behold, I found this fic, and it has everything I have wished for, so I bless you and your awesome soul for creating this fic. I look forward to see what drastic changes Malty/Mein's presence and decision to stick with Naofumi will bring for the entire plot, and the development of her relationship with Naofumi (oho I'm a guilty shipper at heart). I eagerly look forward to the next update!
7/4/2019 c8 Random reviewC
Huh I am surprised you responded to my comment but then your did so with other people lol. Yeah I get the whole not wanting to spoil things part since that would ruin the impact but whatever your choice I will respect it since it is your story.

Chapter 7 lol, guess Naofumi of this universe actually watched the Avenger movie. That sleazy Merchant guy totally deserve being threaten...few people might argue about the moral act of basically robbing the guy but yeah nope he deserve it and it did a good job of Malty/mein malicious side.

This chapter had amusing sword word play, it is pretty good that Malty...err I mean Mein stumble and made mistakes but managed to bounce back and fight back with her words. She is still racist but meh like Naofumi sad it would be hard not to be considering her father's personal history and being bit spoiled plus the sewers then it going to be hard not to be a bit racist lol. Also that fking reference as a in story joke about the end game Malty of the web novel...I really should finish reading the web novel lol...Nice to see Naofumi can think and plan a bit ahead about what would happen if he flee to another country even if he is a bit naive.

Huh interesting part about the calling true name thing when using spells...I mean I could be remembering wrong but other character managed to make their spell work without calling out their true names but then again raph did claim to be as the 'Sword of the Shield hero' in her chant so I am guessing there is some kind of mental aspect to releasing magic/making magic spell stronger? Having Queen or princess would be raising some flags so yeah unless she finds another identity to use then that would be interesting reveal lol.

Damn everyone is wishing/commenting about -insert character- being a feeling of having unique comments is fading *Groaning at being another random background reviewer*

So far it was a decent enjoyable chapter, hope to see more in the future when you have time.

From Random review (COL), too lazy to login...meh maybe next time I will login or maybe not XD
7/2/2019 c8 Trey Alexander
Yay, we might actually get Raphtalia! To be honest, I can MAYBE see Malty growing a SMALL soft spot for her but I don't think it'll be enough for her to drop her prejudice until much later in the story unfortunately.
7/1/2019 c8 pinkdog16
Raphy! we're gonna get raphy!
6/30/2019 c8 Guest
I can see the demihuman uprising you hinted at allowing naofumi to bringing him blackmarkit goods like rare monster parts .
6/30/2019 c8 Seth409
Excellent work, as always. Love seeing Naofumi keep his optimism as he wasn't completely smacked upside the head with the reality of the world from the trial. It's going to be interesting to see who Naofumi picks, whether it's just Raphtalia, or he get's more this time due to his purse size. I can imagine Malty talking him out of getting too many due to her resentment for Demi-Humans, but I can also see her telling him to get as many as he wants due to her wanting to work less. I do also wonder when she'll reveal her identity, as the longer she waits the more betrayed he'll probably feel, but Malty'll probably also want to make him dependent on her, even if only for mental support. Which leads into my third question, how will the queen react? She doesn't thnik highly of Malty being queen, but if Malty marries Naofumi she won't have much of a choice, now will she? Honestly I'm kind of hoping they rekindle some sort of mother-daughter bond, but that'd be a lot of work on both ends.

As for the schedule thing, whatever works best for you. And whichever get us to the complete end, as I've read too many fanfics that stop in the middle, and I really don't want this to become another.
6/30/2019 c8 27Apex85
That whole scene with the spies was cool, especially how Naofumi and Malty tore apart their plans and argument.

Haven't gotten too far into the novels or manga yet so I was curious if everything they said about Siltvelt, the Tribes, etc was from canon or your own personal invention. Either way, they're great and add nice worldbuilding depth.
6/30/2019 c6 Apex85
The 4 Heroes chatting like bros...This is nice :D
6/29/2019 c8 Guest
Author: Motoyasu is my favorite character.
Me: heretic!
6/29/2019 c8 2Cario Regun
Nice Chapter! well looking forward for the next one!

Why do you like so much the spear hero?
6/29/2019 c8 2dirtrevor
Who will Malty be at the end of this? Will she still be her scheming and conniving self or will the shield hero soften her heart?
6/29/2019 c8 2Commissar Gaunt
So I take it the Siltvelt Agents will make good on their pledge to become Naofumi's slaves? They can't really openly serve him as free Demihumans as that would be politically inconvenient to Malty not to mention open Naofumi to a lot of charges. Either they become his slaves or they have to scram.

Still, Naofumi has enough money to not only buy the Lvl 75 Beastman, but also Rapthalia, the Rabbitman with a broken foot, and the lvl 1 Lizardman. The Beastman and Lizardman are combat ready, the Rabbitman just needs his foot fixed. With the Siltvelt Agents and their carriage plus their likely Fiolial or Dragon pulling it, you got a strong party.
6/28/2019 c8 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
6/28/2019 c8 macario1214
Damn! Mein almost blew it!
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