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4/23/2020 c3 69Stone-Man85
Mein/Malty realized the Sword, Bow, and Spear Heroes are out of the question. her only best option is Naofumi.
4/23/2020 c2 Stone-Man85
Interesting. I just hope Raphtalia and Filo pop up later on.
4/23/2020 c1 Stone-Man85
Well, this is a first: a story about Malty/Bitch made into an interesting character.
4/20/2020 c23 3Cham Alhow
hey hello there first thing this is a really nice story its good to see how a non traumatized Naofumi is fairing in this brutal and cruel world...even more good is your Malty being more cunning and intelligent than that selfish but plain stupid canon Malty,and her developement changing her into a decent human being capable of feelings and learning about herself and the people around her. that little spark of bond between her and Raphtalia is actually very nice even she has yet to understand herself i hope it can grow into something stronger good work on that story the more you read the more you want to see whats going to happen int the future...its a mark of appreciation in itself i think :) can t wait for the rest (sorry for the bad english by the way)
4/20/2020 c23 Vigriff
I'm loving the bond between Mein and Raphtalia.
4/12/2020 c7 Witch Of Perception
By far and away the silliest chapter so far. A delight!
4/12/2020 c6 Witch Of Perception
I enjoyed the conversation between the Heroes *immensely*.
4/11/2020 c3 Witch Of Perception
... i'm wheezing...
4/11/2020 c1 Witch Of Perception
I'm *so into* the fact that you used 'reincarnated into the villainess of an otome game' protagonists as Melty's old playmates. Presumably, these are the original personalities?

Looking forward to reading this!
4/11/2020 c23 9SuperiorFreak
I hope Raphtalia and Mein continue to get along. I share your opinions on raphtalias arc being too fast in canon. Perhaps the Heroes should have been given a few months, maybe even a year before the wave. Giving yor heroes one month is kind of stupid, add in the fact that if they were summoned the way they were meant to be summoned, they would had even less time to prepare.

(The meeting the queen was at was to discuss the hero summonings. And political bullshit usually takes a while to sort out)
4/9/2020 c23 Guest
You know the only thing i don't get is how Malty didn't bleed to death with that bite on the shoulder/neck/face i think i remenber a wound on the carotid artery Will bleed you out in a minute flat so... Health potions be damned
4/9/2020 c4 splithaven
winchester hates people with animal bits... me smells a rwby reference somewhere in there.
4/7/2020 c23 VulpineSnow
All I can really say is that I've been liking the twists this story has been going through. :-P You already knew this. So... happy writing, and stay safe.
4/7/2020 c23 Centurion18
Yay character development for Malty. I’m excited that we are finally getting into the meat of the waves. A princess disguising herself and fighting alongside a hero foraging on despite a horrific injury that’s the kind of thing legends are made of. And once again things have the potential to go bad really fast for Mirellia’s plans to put Melty on the throne, a battle hardened popular potential contender for the throne versus a child is a nightmare even if many people did not have a very good reason to see the older contender as the rightful heir.

I also completely agree with you about villains there is nothing fun about a dumb villain. Where is the triumph is outwitting an idiot. That is honestly what turned me off to Shield Hero, where was the complex political intrigue, where were the competing factions of nobility, where was the clever trap to take down the king and Matly. Instead we got what amounted to revenge porn.
4/7/2020 c23 Rando12
I believe that Raphtalia said it best this chapter that “when your with him(Naofumi) you are brave”. Naofumi truly is changing Mein for the better and I do believe that he himself is changing due to Mein supporting him. Not in the best way as it seems to me that he would sacrifice anyone to save the one person who stuck by and saved him.
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