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for Ambition of the Red Princess

5/22/2019 c6 3Dr. Gale
Your inclusion of humor was very well done and I can see room for some pretty good on-going jokes.
5/22/2019 c6 Guest
Ah, man, feels good to have such great interactions ! I almost have butterfly in my stomach.
And dose last lines.
5/22/2019 c6 Forest1395101
You don't need to apologize for a late update, were not paying you for this. I LOL'ed at how similar you managed to inadvertently make Malty and Spear Bro.
5/22/2019 c6 28EMIYA KURO
Oh God thats just too funny..
5/22/2019 c6 6Pretty Lazy
Honest to God, these interactions between the four Heroes are top tier.
5/22/2019 c6 1IansInsane
I'm really enjoying this perspective on Bitc- Malt- Mein, it's a very refreshing look at a fairly 2d character. It's also fucking hilarious. I do hope the cute Raccoon loli- ara ar- companion isn't being left out though. Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/21/2019 c1 Eclair best girl
When is next chapter
5/20/2019 c1 Rokkfel
I hope raphtalia gets bought by naofumi i understand if you cant work that in some how but if you could i would love that to see howbthat dynamic could go would malty have to hold her tongue would she be spiteful of raph or lose her prejudice
5/17/2019 c5 5allen Vth
Itsuki needed something to stand out. So I don't mind.
BTD, great story. Malty is looking to be a competent player in this board game.
5/13/2019 c5 40lord Martiya
Not commenting on the chapter but on Itsuki.

Personally, I thought Itsuki had issues from the start even in the original timeline, and it was shown as early as the period between the second and third waves: where Ren killed a dragon but was ignorant enough to not properly dispose of the corpse and, once confronted with the consequences, accepted them, and Motoyasu caused the horde of evil fruits because he didn't know about the local legends (plus Malty not reading the instructions-Motoyasu cannot be faulted, there was no time to learn how to read a new language in an unknown script, especially with the automated translation spell complicating things) and, when informed of his mess, had the decency to shut up, Itsuki accepted to commit a POLITICAL ASSASSINATION without first verifying why his target had increased the taxes enough for some of his subjects to rebel (thus making things worse), and when someone steals his reward because he was stupid enough to play his "Perfect Hidden Justice" thing he accuses Naofumi without a shred of evidence and refuses any fault.

Then we have the party he kept around, the whole feeding hierarchy thing, and his treatment of Rishia (and in the manga even MALTY looked disturbed)... That boy had something wrong in his head from the start, and differently from Motoyasu didn't need a manipulating serial killer to bring it to the fore.
5/13/2019 c5 3Commissar Gaunt
You, know once the queen learns that Malty is trying to seduce the Shield Hero who is revered in Siltvelt, she is going to panic as this opens the potential of the Shield Hero being declared King in Siltvilt and if he marries Malty, that gives him a claim to the Melormarc Throne and threatens Melty's claim. It also means the nobles of Melromarc may even back Malty's and Naofumi's claim and plunge the realm into a Civil War and Religious Schism with a dash of foreign invasion.

To forestall it, she either has to kill Malty or marry Melty off to one of the other Heroes or Naofumi once Malty is out of the picture.

When you play the Game of Thrones, you live or you die. There is no middle ground as King's Landing just found out.
5/13/2019 c5 VulpineSnow
Heh. Naofumi's own perceptiveness, that realization that she was to set him up...

But she didn't. He doesn't know yet it's out of her own reasons, but it's sweet in a sense, how he views her supposed loyalty in the face of seeing that he WAS going to be set to fall.
5/13/2019 c4 pinkdog16
thats... actually pretty sound advice
5/13/2019 c5 3Dr. Gale
Interesting twist on Naofumi there.
5/12/2019 c5 Forest1395101
OH GOD! I just realized that Raphtalia is probably gonna die in the Slaver tent now... "Sad Racoon Noises..."
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