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9/27 c92 40lord Martiya
A good chapter. For the poisoning... I know of someone who got lethally poisoned with DRINKING WATER. She had to drink a lot of it in a short time and not pee (it was for a contest, and the prize was an expensive console for her son), but she still died from water poisoning. Too much of everything can kill... And while the Heroes have the excuse of being gamers and having some ideas on how things should work, Mald has no such excuse.
9/26 c29 TheRightPrice
So... is Naofumi just keeping the newly discovered Rarity and Limit Break systems to the legendary weapons to himself? It's a unexpectedly dick move for him since the other heroes told him about the other weapon fortification systems and he's been using them to strengthen himself. Is he trying to give himself an advantage over them?
9/25 c26 TheRightPrice
Okay, this whole thing turned out really good for the spear hero. Dude gets critical self reflection, character growth, and three good and loyal wifu's who accept him for who he really is. This genuinely had me tearing up a bit.
9/23 c19 TheRightPrice
Damnit! Just even it seemed like Malty was taking a step forward in her character development you have her go and take two steps back. Why do you play with my heart like this author?
9/23 c93 Datnoob
Wait, what was that whole thing with the possessed corpses in the middle of everything? That was fucked (enjoyable, but it really threw me through a loop).

Lautrec got the armour from the voices, I guess? That's concerning. I bet everyone is regretting letting Naofumi remove the slave crests now...

I feel like the pope got a significant buff compared to his canon counterpart, but then everyone seems significantly buffed. I'm sure you've already mentioned doing this somewhere (possibly even multiple times).

I look forward to the conclusion of the third wave... (Wait did you introduce the corpse possession just to have a distraction from the heroes knowing Myne's a fraud!).
9/22 c93 1Argus456
I'll admit I did not expect Lautrec to appear here but then again, from what I can recall, his...unique views would be fitting though I am curious where he got the armor.

The first thought was that he stole it or forced a blacksmith to craft it but given the situation, I would not be surprised if it either belongs to him and he had hidden it away or it's some armor unique to his 'faith' that was hidden in a ruin or cave like the replica weapon was.

Regardless, what he's doing here is more interesting since it sounds like Aultcray knows what's happening...or it's just his hatred and fear of what might and is happening.
9/22 c93 Halo
I imagine Itsuki with a crossbow would be more consistent in damage output.
9/22 c93 Halo
Oh so in canon, it didn’t have anything to do with skill and technique but rather just a large gap in the stat numbers when Rishia fought Itsuki.

Ya I can see why that would be irritating, like if that’s the case, then the training with Eclair makes it kind of pointless, it’s why I like your idea of how stat numbers are the user’s maximum potential.

Say a bow hero fires a toy boy and arrow, despite having a damage stat of 500 the amount of damage would only be single digits. Compared to a modern day bow and arrow though… or in Itsuki’s case not having the proper technique to fire a bow.

It makes sense and seems far more better than canon, especially when I could barely tell the difference of what Naofumi is doing differently in the anime compared to the other heroes.

before episode 22, outside of their mindsets being unrealistic, they should still be doing decently, they were all doing 1 method of strengthening. But team Protagonist is doing okay and was the only ones hurting the soul eater. In that case, Filo being an animal would have great instinct when it comes to fighting up close as her kind is known for fighting, and have great talent with utilizing wind magic, due to her instincts.

Although for Raphtalia… idk about her.
9/22 c93 48reality deviant
you addes so much that im confused.
bloat is bad too, you know
9/22 c93 3RonaldM40196867
Dark sorcery is so underrated.

The Pope sucked ass!

What’s your opinion on church?
9/18 c92 Dareth
Panic, more panic, hasty, panicked decisions, more panic, hoping Jeanne survives, more panic, heroic rescue, badass moves from everyone, reinforcements arrive!

Great chapter! And rejoice! Your version of Rishia is much more likable than the canon one...as are, basically, all your versions of the characters...
9/18 c92 1Argus456
Endless waves of crashfish...*shivers* just reminded me of the one time I went exploring through some caves in the safe shallows to look for crashfish and the crash powder and found myself in a chamber filled with crashfish. I survived and got the powder I needed but my heart rate jumped when I heard their screech over and over in my bid to flee, right into another crashfish.

Anyways, silly anecdote aside, Naofumi and Mein certainly survived by the skin of their teeth there and while I was initially surprised by so many rushing to their rescue, Mein bringing up her father made me understand though I suppose even if he didn't give the order, the fighters would have done the same since Naofumi is a Hero who is crucial to stopping the Wave.

As for Rishia, I think her worth and development as a character probably sufferred from the story focusing on Naofumi and his party by building him up way too much and dumbing down others to make him look good. I mean, look at Itsuki in Reprisal, he's portrayed as a naive idiot that gets duped into joining Trash and Malty in every loop so far.
9/18 c92 Datnoob
Did Janne survive? It seemed a bit unclear, I hope she did she seems very likeable.
9/17 c92 Halo
Yes Rishia you go girl! You mean to tell me she doesn’t change or get moments like this? Damn…

Huh the potions make sense, too much of anything is not good for anyone.
9/17 c92 3RonaldM40196867
Medicine should not be handled carelessly…don’t you people ever listen to your doctors?!

Dragons should be in the spotlight more often.

Is the isekai genre meeting your expectations?
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