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9/13 c16 Andreas
The pacing is glacial. Good writing, but I can not be bothered to read pointless exposition every single chapter. Why does it matter who previous heroes were? Why do we need to know that these villagers use every part of the monster? Why do we need to know Old Young Bill Junior Junior's family history? I can understand expanding on the history of the Beatmen's last king, but the rest of it? Absolutely pointless. How many words in and still not reaching the first wave?
Other than that, is it that hard to come up with names that every single character is a reference. It really drags down the story and breaks the flow of reading when every time a character is mentioned they bring to mind a completely different piece of fiction.
Again, decent writing, but a hard drop for me.
9/11 c28 GNetNe
Wife is focusing on the future a bit too much...
While the husband is stuck in the past...

What a power couple.
9/9 c91 codywhite162
These chapters are so good! Looking forward to the next one!
9/9 c91 Datnoob
No slave child PMC then? A Shame.

I really feel like this Chapter reflects the idea of a chaotic battle very well.

Good Job!
9/7 c91 Dareth
Yeah...escalation is the name of the game apparently...also...subnautica is still the most terrifying thing ever created...even above ground...
9/6 c91 Mernom
I think the scale of the battle is too big. You introduced a whole bunch of characters, and have a massive battle where all of those characters you only recently introduced makes it clunky.
Personally, I think it would work better if the battle would be displayed mainly from Myne's POV, restricting many of the background events to the background. She's not in a position to be a grand strategist, aware of all which happens on the battlefield.
9/6 c91 1Argus456
Warpers are bullshit but I'm biased after getting ported out of my prawnsuit and into the jaws of a reaper. Still, imagining the fauna of subnatica swimming through open air is pretty terrifying already.

Still, this does give more weight to the Waves than it did in canon which focused more on Naofumi with brief glimpses on others so I appreciate you showing the other forces in action here.
9/6 c91 2AlexFalTon
I'm not sure about everyone else, but the more chapters coming, the more I'm confused by the crossover lore.
9/6 c91 3RonaldM40196867
There’s no holding back.

Time for strategy.
9/3 c90 Dareth
Ahh...opening moves of a battle...and already things are getting worse...
8/31 c90 RonaldM40196867
Flyers are tricky.

A fire serpent sounds cool.

These monsters seem to come in great variety.
8/31 c90 Datnoob
... It certainly didn't feel like the shortest chapter, it felt very dense.
8/30 c90 1Argus456
Now this is a proper Wave Battle. With something as devastating as a Wave is supposed to be, I would have expected the kingdom to at least prepare their forces to protect it, not waste time in stupidly convoluted conspiracies.

Fwhat I've seen in the anime, while dramatic and quite the spectacle, the fact that the Heroes had no support outside their party members irked me while the army merely dealt with stragglers.

Granted, stuff probably got changed or outright cut in the anime so there's that.
8/29 c89 Seth409
Been a while since I last typed a review, so I figured I was due for one.
I acknowledge the commitment it takes to do an epic on the level of GoT, the one downside I'd say is keeping track of everyone starts to become a challenge, especially for the readers (at least, talking about myself).
We're finally getting to the liar revealed arc, which I have been waiting for since the start. I'm guessing it'll happen right after the third wave due to the amount of people poking Naofumi's suspicions.
Which chapter has the interlude of this chapter from Malty's POV again? I have forgotten that one.
But man, getting close to 100 chapters, makes me happy since I read so many fanfics that just drop off after a point and never return.
8/28 c89 Dareth
I did wonder, how would followers of different dragons be treated...interesting.
Big chapter, with quite a few things happening, and yet, it feels like the calm before the...storm...it's going to be worse than that, isn't it?
Yeah...going to be honest, I would have liked to see the queen as less than ideal, but still much better than those one dimensional "characters" that populated the Shield Hero anime...here she really did take the place of the boring "bad guy, not very smart".
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