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8/22 c88 Svampmannen
Always a treat to read Mein trying to make sence of what the Cardinal Heroes are talking about whenever they start chatting about pop-culture/21 century stuff. Imagine if they'd try to explain the concept of shitposting to her!

On the topic of trying to make sence of words: do all four Cardinal Heroes speak the same japanese? Since they're from different Earths with different histories, I imagine that there would be some divergances in linguistic history. Can the four heroes understand what each other are saying without the help of their weapons? Communication-problems could make for an interesting obstacle for when the heroes become apt at fighting together.

It only just now occured to me that the revelation that Katarina's ancestor is Son Goku is the first serious example of a summoned hero NOT being from a version of Japan in this story (unless that omake with Jesus is canon to this fic). Interesting. Will there ever be an in-universe explanation as to why the summoned heroes tend to be from Japan?

Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/22 c88 Dareth
Yeah...the Goku of this world will forever be amusing...Good chapter.
8/21 c88 27Apex85
What was the inspiration for that Aldoran Style Malty was talking about? Seems familiar but can't place it. When you mentioned 7 forms, was thinking it was inspired by the Eight Leaves One Blade school from the Trails series if you hadn't admitted to not playing it.

Considering Yatsuhashi could tell from the spar that Naofumi hasn't had a lifetime if training, it's probably only a matter of time that Malty sees through his deception if being trained at some 'hero academy'. Assuming she hadn't already and is just playing along.

I approve of the Jetstream Attack.
8/21 c1 Illya Emiya
Is this going to be a Malty is a good guy thing? Like please tell me cause im tempted but i dont like her as she normally is so having that idea in mind would make it much more appealing. Or at least to know what the general plot character development would be directional wise?
8/21 c88 1Argus456
Ah, the classic 'getting beat down at the start' training arc though I doubt a full montage would bring them up to a level enough to take on Zellus on equal footing.

Still, Ren's statement on defeating Zellus makes me wonder if Zellus might get killed before Ren reaches that point. Cliche but it could also be a red herring...hmm.

Regardless, I forgot about Goku's Rock Paper Scissor skill though if he did get sent to this world, he'd obviously develop what skills he had attained abd branch out from there.
8/21 c88 3RonaldM40196867
I prefer cookies over biscuits.

Animals are special.

Will more monsters show up?

Do you think this story could be funnier?
8/21 c84 DJman248
Alright, I must admit, this chapter took me by surprise in some ways and left me EXTREMELY amused in others.

Ren's reaction to his predecessor being Kirito is just FANTASTIC. I always liked to joke that, for all the issues Ren's character has in canon RotSH's writing, he STILL counts as "Better Kirito" to me (I must admit I am not a big fan of Sword Art Online's writing...sorry if this stops you from seeing me in a good light XD), and Ren dying on the inside from acknowledging their similarities is hilarious!

On a more pressing matter. You are a certified mad lad. Son Goku as the pole swinging, enemy sparing lengendary Saint of the Spear? As Motoyasu's (dumb but loyal) predecesor? As Katarina's (dumb but charming ) ancestor?

It fits almost TOO well! Especially in regards to Katarina in this fic, who's basically channeling all of Bakarina! A.K.A, a girl who is kinda simple, likes to eat a lot, is very playful, and prevented her own dead end by turning her would be adversaries into a group of friends so loyal to her that they may just follow her into death itself! In other words...a very surprising, yet fitting pararell to Son Goku himself! Her having the potential to do the classic kamehameha (which is more of a kamehamehadouken for now!) just clinches it. Because I can absolutely see this monkey girl doing that as if it were natural. Malty certainly done goofed not doing her homework on this one!

On a separate note, I find the way you had the heroes succeed in sharing power up methods to be a nice mix between their initial spat in canon and them actually having functioning brains and sense. Though having Naofumi (and then Ren) figure out a way for all of them to realize that nobody is lying was a nice touch...as was them speculating on how the powerup methods even happen (I mean...it sure IS convenient that the weapons just so happen to have power up methods that match a game from their wielders' original world, after all). I also appreciate how the heroes actually have to get used to fighting with others...it's not a point that is commonly touched upon in these sort of stories, you know?

In regards to your author's note...I can easily say that I considered the idea that you based Mikage on the idea of canon Naofumi's moral myopia taken to its logical extreme in a world that ISN'T rewarding it. It's pretty fitting, though I was surprised about it also having some ties to a persona fanfic (though perhaps you actually mentioned it before...it rings a bell). It does bring up a fair point to Naofumi's worries. His observation on the weapons picking wielders with specific traits is obviously spot on...but what Naofumi didn't appreciate is that Mikage likely started out with similar traits to him...despite the clear differences in upbringing and response to hardships. It certainly food for thought in how you depicted it alongside your explanations.

Sidenote: getting a headache in the face of Aultcray's impulsive decision making certainly can give anyone a headache...especially with how this sets up quite a potential disaster. I did note a grammar error though:
"One was recently assassinated by an unknown party..." You mean One was recently subjected to an atempted assassination by an unknown party, right? Cause I am sure Aultcray would try to send Motoyasu to the gallows or subject him the canon RofSH Naofumi treatment if Melty was actually dead while he was around, no?
8/19 c83 DJman248
Hey there! It's been quite a while, and I can see that I missed quite a few chapters while life was keeping me busy! More for me binge and review on then! So prepare for a bunch of rapid fire reviews again, starting with this one:

This might as well be called the definitive "origin allusions: the chapter, a massive crossover party". Why? Because this may just be the biggest crossover reference chapter so far in this story thus far.

From the big show of various families of Jugdral (you've clearly done your homework!), and character dynamics that are either straight from the source (Leif, Nanna and Fin being together in their usual way), ironic to the nth degree (Seliph and Julius getting along certainly feels that way...can't blame Naofumi), or interesting in their implications (Adan/Arden's slow joke being taken seriously to tragic effect was NOT what I expected, to say the least...and Arvis marrying a recently widowed Deidre? Suspicious yet plausible, considering the power play involved...and then there's the SOLDIER situation...).

Aside from this, you once again managed to capture Malty's still jaded and somewhat skewed perspective in natural yet somewhat comical ways...like her assuming that Seliph's regrets must be due to him marrying a woman of humble birth after "the flames of romance have passed", or her assessment of Melty not immediately passing thr warning to her father (i mean...she's child who's being taken for a ride...what did she expect? XD).

Now...one would say that all these crossover characters were a bit...much, at times. However, there is one precise reason why it doesn't bother me here: all of these characters are serving to expand this world, and serve the canon characters' development in some way, whether it be in showing growth (Ren asking Shannan without defaulting into arrogance waa certainly noteworthy) or expanding their perspective and knowledge of the world around them in a meaningful manner (all four heroes are learning more and more about the world in terms of politics, which will obviously serve them later).

Sidenote: Motoyasu catching heat from not one, but TWO overprotective fathers in a row feels amusing, considering that my first impression of the guy back when I started reading/watching RotSH (what an innocent time...) was that he was just a typical pretty playboy...a nightmare for any father of a daughter to deal with. Little did I know that he was,in actuality, more of a pretty himbo with a tendency to be blindly loyal to the women at his side...even of they don't deserve it XD.
8/15 c87 Datnoob
Hmm... I suppose that the 'stats-breaker' idea makes sense to an extent, but even IRL skill only makes up for so much, like it doesn't matter how good at Sumo you are, you're going to lose a sumo match to an elephant. It doesn't matter how skilled you are.

A stronger and faster person will require less skill to be you; that's why most modern martial arts have weight classes.

It also contradicts the idea of Naofumi's limited attack stat being a detriment. I know it addresses it primarily with speed (the difference between actual and stat speed), saying that Attack and Defense were more directly tied to performance. But, being good at fighting or having experience with fighting should enable someone to bash someone's skull in with a shield which should (in theory) increase their attack stat. Whereas I think you mentioned that it just dealt 0 or insignificant damage.

In the fight between the noble and Zellus', her stats should have enabled her to get back up and kinda curb stomp him.

That being said, I still greatly enjoyed the chapter and look forward to more!
8/13 c85 Takia5683
You know, I have a lot of mixed feelings about your fic
I've been a longtime reader, I don't remember what chapter I started at, but pretty early on (I think I offered to be a beta for the story back when that was available?)
I do like the whole political intrigue spin, I wouldn't go as far to say "it's a refreshing change of pace" because I'm definitely fond of more classic fantasy. I also like some of the new ideas you introduce to the setting, magical lore, new skills for the heroes. However, in that vein I take issues with Naofumi having a different strengthening method, as his canon strengthening methods feel far more inline with the concept of the legendary shield, and its dumb to write in a cop out mobile game (I recognize the game name though and I would wonder why you dislike poor writing if you've played it). I understand it's fanfiction and you have the freedom to take liberties, but it does take away from the concept a bit.
I will also say I agree with your concept of Filo, I never liked characters that existed solely to be annoying and cute.
All that said, it's grating your view of
my favorite story, I suppose
I'm keeping everything I've written non argumentative (mostly) as I simply don't have the energy to have a debate so I'll just touch on this lightly, it has it's weak points but so does every other piece of writing. idk, I feel as though you exaggerate the flaws and ignore most of the good points.
For a time I actually felt ashamed of my taste because of what you wrote, but that's personal and not really your fault.
I could go through the story and pick out everything I liked and didnt like but that sounds exhausting so I'll just leave it at that.
so yeah, good story but you would likely agree if someone had such a negative view of your favorite work and wrote a lot about that, you would likely take issue with that
8/12 c87 40lord Martiya
Good to see a bit more of what Biscas is planning. Though I didn't expect him to be closer to the more reasonable side.
For our heroes, a bit of trivia that could greatly irritate Itsuki: archers that used actual war bows were fearsome opponents in melee, as the strenght they needed to pull their powerful bows easily translated in devastating blows with blunt weapons, assuming they weren't also trained in other things (for most of their history samurai were heavily armored horse archers that could also fight in melee, to mention just one example)... But that takes years of training.
8/12 c86 lord Martiya
Seriously? Just a flick and Filo became so aggressive? Filorials are overly sensible...
8/12 c87 3RonaldM40196867
Pole dancing would be funny.

Witchcraft is overrated. I prefer sorcery.

Religion needs to be better represented in the Shield Hero anime. It's just insane cultists being shown in the anime.
8/12 c87 Dareth
...that bard made me hungry...Heroes getting training, information and explanations, that's great! Mein is still stuck thinking that every action of all the "players" of the "Great Game" have ulterior motives and none of them are genuine (then again, she might be right, what do I know about court politics...). After all, there's a good reason Fitoria has no faith in humanity, despite the many reasons they should have united with a common goal, and yet they haven't...
8/11 c87 Lily
Interesting take on the rpg system commonly found in isekai stories. Yep, reading those stories, watching the protag exploit the system and become super op either through sheer luck or just... plot juice, gets boring after a while.

I'm not sure if you're looking for recommendations, but have you ever heard of the Webtoon Survival of a Sword King in a Fantasy World? It's different from most isekai power fantasy stories, and I find it a breath of fresh air. The webtoon deconstructs many of the usual tropes found in a typical isekai story, including the rpg system, and has its own unique takes on it. World building is great too. I can't guarantee that you will like it, but I think it's worth a shot.
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