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3/15/2020 c22 Vigriff
I like this subversion.
3/15/2020 c22 Guest1
I like how the pope is more than “I am an evil cultist and why? Cause it’s totally god’s belief!”
It Gives him more dimensions, and he’s no longer an annoying villain. He actually pays attention to the good parts of his enemies and actually respects those qualities. He’s a man who can recognize his enemy’s qualities.

Also Maple, is from an anime called “I don’t want to get hurt so I maxed out my defense” basically she chose a shielded class and keeps putting her points into defense and over time got over powered and she is a ditzy cute girl.
Lots of comparisons of her and Naofumi. Although, I know this contradicts the lore, but no doubt she would totally be the 6th shield hero after Naofumi. ;)
3/15/2020 c22 Halo
Oh.. I see sorry for bringing that up.
3/15/2020 c21 Meazm
Well... shit.
3/9/2020 c21 witchofdathomir
I've been enjoying your stories a little bit too much - blitzed through the whole thing in 1 day. You have done well in world-building and character building, with various flashbacks and exposition to flesh out the world and events of Tate no Yuusha, a task that was done rather sloppily by author. I hope you would continue to stick with this I usually find fics of this scale abandoned.

About the specifics, I found the random real-world babble of protag a little bit out of place (they are best kept as inner monologues), the lack of Mein x Naofumi after the first few chapters. While I do agree that this should be a slow burn kind of romance, but one or two moments every few chapters would do your story good.

You should consider swapping out the side casts after awhile, like setting the rabbit guy free after getting someone else, for example. That would freshen up the story while keeping the space open for the main characters.

We kinda enjoyed the same games based on those titles you are referencing. If you want to discuss this at length, feel free to PM me or add me on Steam.
2/26/2020 c8 Tanu
This is a good story. It's well written, well put together, and simply done well. The characters are believable and interesting (well, except the spear hero, but he's supposed to be a caricature so it's fine), the plot is solid, and it's fascinating watching everything from Mein's point of view.

I hate it.

Even though it is objectively quite good and Bitch is less of a conniving bitch... She's still a conniving bitch. It seems to me that she's getting better, and she might actually gain some emotional attachment to Naofumi at some point and even care about him eventually, as strange as it seems. But I hate her too much to gamble on that and it frustrates me immensely that he's completely unaware, especially when he had his suspicious during the trial.

I'll say it again, this is an incredibly good, polished story that is of astonishingly high quality, especially for fanfiction. It's just not for me.
2/25/2020 c21 DiscipleOfErebos
I've been really enjoying this story so far; it's what I had wanted Shield Hero to be. No real complaints on anything, and every new chapter leaves me wanting more. Really really good so far.

As far as the "Christianity-themed evil religion" thing goes, it's actually not that uncommon in Japan either. Japan has a pretty bad history with Christianity as well, largely owing to Feudal Japanese fears of colonization and the destruction of their culture. If you're interested, you should watch the Martin Scorsese film "Silence" or read its Wikipedia entry, as it portrays some of this conflict.

Nowadays there aren't many Japanese Christians, so Christianity itself is often just used as a stand in for "cool foreign religion" like Western writers sometimes do with religions like Hinduism or Buddhism. Nevertheless, it's actually quite common to see organized religion portrayed fairly badly in Japanese media. Japanese culture has acquired many aspects of Buddhism and Shinto, which themselves mixed together fairly completely hundreds of years ago; nevertheless, most Japanese people are really just culturally Buddhist/Shinto and don't believe in the religious-style spiritual parts of either. Considering the free-form nature of Japanese spirituality, Western religion, when people think of it (which honestly isn't that often), is often seen as scary and dogmatic.

It's especially common in JRPGs, which makes sense since Shield Hero borrows a lot of aspects from them. For some examples, FF X has the Yevon faith, which is not incredibly Christian but nevertheless has a strong self-sacrifice theme with the summoning of the Final Aeon. A few Tales games include churches that are sketchy, and Tales of Berseria makes the Church the villains and involves them trying to bury people's basic freedoms under their dogma, enforced by an evil god. Lastly, just about every From Soft game recently (Dark Souls 1-3 and Bloodborne) has an evil Church. Bloodborne gets bonus points for cribbing a lot of the Healing Church's architectural style from Catholicism, making their main ritual be holy blood rituals (i.e. the Catholic sacrament), and for being unspeakably, irredeemably evil down to its core.

Basically, it's not that uncommon to have an evil religion masquerading as a goodly religion in fantasy or isekai anime and in JRPGs. Usually they are portrayed more as "evil but with some good intentions" rather than "evil with no redeeming qualities," but overall Shield Hero portrays most of its main antagonists as being "evil with no redeeming qualities." As a result, I'd put the Three Heroes' Church's portrayal less down to a particular hatred of Christianity and Christianity-like religions, and more down to Shield Hero copying popular trends and just writing it really badly.
2/25/2020 c21 7Frosty Wolf
Well this is going to get awkward, though I doubt the man is ready to do anything violent to Mein. Still, fanatics aren't the most logical bunch, best to prepare for the worst princess!
2/25/2020 c10 The beginn of Red Dawn
I really tried to read the story, but it is somehow written so that it really hurts your eyes. The chapters are long and crowded with a lot of information.

In addition, the action never gets going. Up to chapter 10 there is no development in action. There is only more information after something has been explained.

One is often confused who is now telling the story. In addition, the characters always think about something.
2/25/2020 c21 53Shadowwriter01
One question here could be if the Pope himself is also different. Does he have more complex motivations as his canon counterpart or not?
By the way, have you thought about a time skip at one point? Like many said, 21 chapters and you are still pretty much at the beginning of the timeline.

Ps. I dont think "this" Naofumi and canon Melty would get along very well. The only reason she managed to look good in the story is because canon Malty was so much worse.

In canon she at the beginning pretty much sided with her father and even had the nerve to seek Naofumi out and demand an apology from him for their latest fallout.
Despite that as heir to the throne, she should have known perfectly well that her Father had no right to summon him and the other heroes in the first place, went behind her mothers back and endangered the entire country doing it.
She also never bothered to tell Naofumi this. He only found out months later from her mother.

So unless things happen quite different when they meet, I dont see her making the impression of a competent future-queen to him.
2/25/2020 c21 Guest
Where’s Maple when you need her
2/24/2020 c21 3Commissar Gaunt
Another good chapter, be interesting to see the Pope's motivations here. In canon he was able to basically place himself in a position to utterly outmaneuver and depose the Queen if not for Naofumi knowing all the ins-and-outs of his class. More proof the Queen was an idiot who was saved by Naofumi's competence more than anything she did as her nobles were basically running wild on her watch and she never thought to just assassinate the out-of-control ones with her Shadows.

That or her Shadows had their own agendas, and were getting in each other's ways.
2/24/2020 c21 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Looking forward to reading more. Wonder what will happen with Malty and the pope.
2/24/2020 c21 Halo
After “Ambition of the Red Princess” would you consider making the prequel? Where we would we see different perspectives of the 4 previous heroes over events that they did?
Like if you wrote about a certain in the “Ambition-“ story, and then in the prequel story we would see the true part of it from a Hero’s perspective. There could be many connections with this story and in the prequel.
2/24/2020 c21 Guest1
I like the idea of each weapon having a certain trait that matches in the religion. Strength from the sword, Trust from the Spear, Justice from the Bow and Vigilance (Good word to pick) from the shield. They all match and I can definitely see those lessons taught and practiced in some way. It’s a nice pick and it makes sense for there being at least a small group of followers for the shield.

I’m curious about more history that you make for this world. Like historical areas of the previous heroes in battle or something. And from what you said about Mikage, then that means if Mein went with the original plan, it would be a repeated pattern which would be cool. Basically Mikage might have experienced something similar to what we see with Canon Naofumi. Both were accused of rape, they didn’t harm their companions and both were very Vigilant.
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