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2/24/2020 c21 1nam2324
I am no history expert but coonsidering christianity was often used as a cover to disregard other cultures by european colons, I think that's where this portrayal come from.

Plus its hard to deny the contrast between an holier than thou attitude and evilness.

In fantaisy, the religion often offers powers and often worship a tangible entity in addition of codifieng/uniting society and its morals, so their influence is much more understandable.

In the same scene in cannon(where raphtalia takes mein place) the same thing happen but the intensity of the scamming is comparatively lower. Then again your AU have greater reason to have stronger shield hate, even though he wasn't framed.
2/24/2020 c21 Rando12
Well then I wonder if the pope is going to believe her false narrative. Glad to see that best raccoon girl is still best (canon) girl. Can’t wait for the next chapter as this is turning out to be very different then I expected. And in my opinion Mein/Malty have Motoyasu some focus in canon that allowed him to accomplish the bare minimum with her in his party.
2/24/2020 c21 1Echonic
And now I feel bad for her.
What has this world come to.
2/24/2020 c21 Starlord Master
Gaston? I guess you're a Disney fan.

Thanks for all the lessons.

Happy Valentine's Day!
2/24/2020 c21 1The 17th Immortal
Just to point out: Atheism is merely a lack of belief/refusal to believe in the existence of deity, whereas your stated opposition to organized religion is actually classified as "antireligion". There is strong overlap between the two, to the point where antireligion is widely considered to be an aspect of atheism, however they are not the same thing.

I know this, because I did the research awhile back, in order to figure out what I myself would classify as. (I'm basically agnostic with a side-order of "Spiritual but not religious/affiliated" – I won't begrudge a person their own faith, however them trying to RUB that faith into my face, in the form of flaunting whatever religion it is they follow, pisses me off like nothing else.)
2/23/2020 c21 8y1fellas
I really do love this story. Of all the stories in my feed, this is the one I get the most excited to see updated. It's interesting how Raphtalia misinterpreted Myne running away as trying to save her, but it makes sense in the context. After all, Myne did just finish explaining the importance of Raphtalia saving herself by scaring off that noble. Raphtalia stood tall and pointed the dagger at the dog, believing it to be her best chance at survival, and the woman who just explained that was her best chance cut and run to draw the dog away from her. Poor little girl is going to be so confused when she grows up and realises how awful Myne really is...

As a christian I appreciate the more even handed approach. Though I am interested in why you interpreted the Church of Three as a seperate religion entirely with its own internal sects, rather than as a sect of the Church of Four. In my head I imagined something like a Shield Hero inflicting such damage on Melromarc that it split into a sect of the Four to become the Three. Then again, I suppose within Christianity you have sects of sects, like the Lutherans being a sect of Protestantism which is a sect of Nicean Christianity which is a sect of the religion as a whole. It's definitely possible using the real world as a reference.
2/23/2020 c21 Seth409
Ahhh! Evil! The way you ended it and the person who ended it.
But yeah, you gotta wonder what was going on inside the author's head when they decided the whole religion was evil.
Has the whole kingdom figured out she threw her status away to gain a higher status? If not, turning down a member of royalty would be a surefire way to land your ass in jeopardy, hell, even if they knew that it's still a high gamble.
Poor Malty, gets to have a scar or two. Suppose that's her punishment for trying to run away. Speaking of which, little Raph still seems to think very highly of her "big sister" whether it was due to the whole everything leading up to encountering the beast, or she's too young to realize Malty tried to ditch her is anyone's guess (but yours I suppose).
2/23/2020 c21 Guest
Boy we are 2 months away from this story aniversary and we are yet to get to the 1st wave XD i mean the pacing is a slow burn good but my god why does every story i read its slow burn af the other one i read A Fake Hero on the DXD x Fate fólder i too have followed since its begining which has been 4 years now and It has yet to get to cannon stuff #icryeverytime
2/23/2020 c21 calderoneric758
So I read the light novels ahead if you want to ignore what I say it's just wanna say happy to see more chapters of this story and and malty slowly chasing into a better person I saw it when saw the townspeople helping out of goodwill and now the spoiler with malty originally being is on point spoiler alert she is a fragment of a goddess that hates naofumi across all timelines maybe this version will calm her down and stop the waves say she accidentally dies goes back to her original body will she just breakdown in tears of what she done
2/23/2020 c21 27Apex85
I knew shit was going to go down the moment they entered the church...
2/23/2020 c21 DJman248
Wow. That last scene. Talk about being alone in the Dragon's nest...with said dragon coming in from the exit! Definitely find the idea of different sects existing in the three heroes church, one is extreme and another more moderate. It makes sense, and as a bonus means less one dimensional evil characters!

Looking forward for more!
2/19/2020 c20 5Zealswordsmen
thank you for the story. It ia the most interesting onde i haver read in a longe while. i do enjoy the political stuff and the world building.
2/17/2020 c20 1nam2324
Its always a pleasure to have characters elaborate crack theories with the info they have while you the readers know they are wrong.
Her relating to raph softened her a bit but old habbits die hard.
Its interesting that despite being the crazy one, lautrec is also one of the straight man of the groupp, since he is cynical but doesn't have to rein in his instinct like mein, and he is more unhinged than kyubey.
On that note I know its late but I was pleasantly surprided that you did incorporate two new main party member and have them relevant.
This is the second chapter from Naofumi POV and i must say both are very good(the first one winning only because of the backstory). Its fine that they come with the current frequency since this is melty story after all but they are nice check point.
(Just throwing it out there since its not really the goal of the story)A book that mastered the art of changing POV for me was heroes of Olympus(sequel to percy jackson) where the story always switched between the 7 heroes.
2/11/2020 c20 Meazm
2/8/2020 c10 et-reader97
Haha oh my god this chapter was awesome! There was so much about this I liked it's crazy, I especially like the part near the end with naofumi and the slave trader.
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