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for Ambition of the Red Princess

8/9/2020 c31 FateBurn
Good chapter
8/9/2020 c31 8The Sinful
Huh so Mein came from Malty's dead pet.

Wonder if Malty will reveal herself before or after her mother and sister return. Also if she'll have to steer Naofumi away from them or if they'll accidentally accomplish that on their own.
8/9/2020 c31 Starlord Master
House Malfoy? Someone’s a Harry Potter fan.

When will the Queen appear?
8/7/2020 c30 55Shadowwriter01
Quite good.
Ironically, not everyone wants a throne just because they are in a position to "maybe" reach it.
Some people weight their options and decide that the risks outweight the benefits.
Malty does not really have much options, since her most likely alternative is being married off to Faubley. Other people do.

Is the book Malty and her friends had been talking about in the beginning based on a real story.

I hope the plot will move a bit with the next chapter. We had three chapters now, with a lot of characterization and background, but practically no real progress.
8/1/2020 c30 Ren Otonashi
Domo, I was the guest who made the previous 8 reviews. Just saying, if for contact purposes.
8/1/2020 c22 poreytor
now I want to know more about mikage you say he is from an indian or Chinese fan fiction right? forget about that but where can I found the information about him I want to learn more if is not much problem
8/1/2020 c28 Guest

Who was the wife, then?

And how about her sister, who was kidnapped by the Hakuko?

Fohl and Atla?

Waghhh, I'm confused!
8/1/2020 c25 Guest

Motoyasu's firmness to follow a one-sided judgement, without knowing the witness' testimony.

Itsuki's character development shown as he wanted to know the witness' testimony.

Ren being analytical and out of this world, as he tries to analyze why the King is aggressive against Naofumi.

Kinda like how true you are to the original Universe's characters, while trying to change a bit to not make them purely OC.
8/1/2020 c25 Guest
Yep, I expected Yggdrasil Medicine
8/1/2020 c24 Guest
AAAAANNNDD Naofumi forgot his promise to Mein again, when he told her that she should join the other heroes if she wanted merit.

Damn, it really showed one of Naofumi's flaws in a bizzare but effective way. Even I was surprised an annoyed at him.

Gonna continue reading this chapter!
8/1/2020 c23 Guest
Malty had it rough. She was basically a living reminder for Mirellia of her childhood as the Bloodstained Princess. Malty's like a 'What If Mirellia?' scenario if Mirellia went the Shinji Matou/Jaune Arc route, where their potential is hindered by a large scale. Extremely relatable for me, except that the education system itself and the teachers are hindering my growth.

And dude, congrats. This Fanfiction is currently Top 1.5 on my favorite fanfiction of all time, sharing the same position of Top 1 with Rising of the Four Heroes. Never saw a fanfic that actually fleshes out characters as AU OC, and full of power wanking/two-dimensional characters that just irritates my head.

Kinda like the Kirito worship in War of the Underworld, but without the intention of showing that he was basically living as an Alter Ego, with Eugeo being the one who truly knows his true self. Asuna, Sinon and Leafa basically failed at restoring his fluctlight since they had the wrong data of Kirito's self image as someone who's perfect, which made Kirito more guilty and self-destructive, to the point that he would activate the trigger of a never-ending nightmare.

But other fanfics doesn't show these flaws on a 1st person perspective, which made me totally confused if I was reading a self-insert story (Y/N). Damn, I just wanted a child/teenage Shirou Emiya fanfiction that stays true to his character as a broken person, not some EMIYA power-wank asspull that makes him the most effective copy-paste solution on the world's hardest problems. I don't feel the struggle at all, and it doesn't feel like Shirou Emiya at all.

Anyway, rant aside; you've done an exceptional job. Be proud of yourself.
8/1/2020 c22 Guest
I'm liking how realistic and clever the Pope is here, compared to medieval Nobles. The highlight of the chapter being Malty and the Pope interacting, and I can see a sense of Shirou in him. Seems like he wanted power to correct the things he saw as mistakes in the current Queen's rule of Melromarc; the slums currently being the latest reference to that.

The Church is also a mix of fanatics and cleverness, which makes me think if the Rising of the Four Heroes and Ambition of the Red Princess AU are inter-related in a lot of ways. It's also the most realistic version of an isekai Second Council of the Vatican Church, full of deceptive officials in the higher echeleons.

I kind of want a one-shot or a sidestory on how Motoyasu Kitamura is managing currently after his teammates betrayed him. Seems like he's in for the Spear of Rage/Wrath.

Overall, I'm impressed with your AU that I'm more hooked on this than Allen Blaster's 'Hope of the Shield Hero'.

The present tense form of writing still bothers me, though. Kinda an eldritch form of narrative style.
7/31/2020 c20 Guest
Kinda confused at why Q'ten Lo's destroyed.

I mean, the Water Dragon was literally defending the island from any interruptions, and there was a barrier that filtered invaders and traders.

Then there's the Sakura Series and Hydras as guardians. The Sakura Series is literally anti-hero buff.

Q'ten Lo was also fairly powerful, with overpowered priestests like Shildeena and Sadeena. Equality between Demi-Humans and Humans are also practiced, that there's literally no difference in the perspective of the residents on the bodily differences.

Oh, and I'm kind of confused at why you're writing in present tense. A novel or a narrative is always written in past tense.

Btw, I was the same guest in the former reviews.
7/31/2020 c18 Guest
Liking Malty's character development so far!

Makes me remember of one of the tips a friend gave me whenI was going to be the leader of a committe: "If you want to be a good king for the commoners, live with the commoners for a while."
7/30/2020 c30 Guest
Have you ever tried playing Crusader Kings i think this one is right Up you alley...
You know i rarely watch anime anymore lately It just feels like low effort copy paste crap i cant stomach It anymore and then there is stories with so much potential but end Up falling flat on their faces and RotSH is one of them... Really just ended Up as some revenge boner Who barely makes Any dense by pulling deud ex machinas... OMG at least your story is a pretty good take on It good job mate!
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