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for Harry Potter: Witch Trainer

10/17 c2 3kirashu
I was curious about this one.
The idea of Harry going to another universe and taking the role as Headmaster in a new school, interesting idea. When it was said that Harry will pose as Dumbledore, yeah... not a big fan but eh, let's continue.
The moment Harry announced to Snape, that he was willing to share his "harem" with him... you lost me.
8/2 c3 LeeMania
so was Issei coma curse only way to be broken was by rias losing her virginity?
7/28 c3 Guest
andromeda tonks, hestia carrow, flora carrow, cho chang - HP

raynare, kalawarner, tiamat, ophis - Highschool DxD

black widow, polaris, sif, hela, jane foster, lady loki, lady thor, lorlei, amara, darcy lewis, gamora, ms. marvel (original design, long hair, black leotard, lightning bolt) - Marvel

wonder woman, zatanna zatara, supergirl, hippolyta, blackfire, starfire, mera, atlanta, big barda, lois lane - DC

kushina, mikoto, mito, tsunade, yugito, ino, samui, temari, hinata, kurenai, yugao, hana, fuuka, pakura, hotaru, shion, koyuki, konan, kurotsuchi, mei, ameyuri, tsunami, shizune, anko, hanabi, sakura, fuu, guren, kin, karin, tayuya, kaguya otstusuki - naruto, naruto shippuden

android 18/cyborg 18/lazuli, bulma, pan, chi chi, videl, marron, maron, bulla, mai - DB, DBZ, DBS, DBGT

not sure if you would be willing to do other anime, i have some more in mind if so, lol
7/27 c3 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
7/26 c3 Z-Breezy
This guy is trash
4/3 c1 Re Lovely Lover
Okay this story is a hell no for me.

I was very confused when Harry was laughing when Snape basically seemed to tell him that while not together he may very well still be screwing his mom. Or at least that seemed to be the implication.

Then this story went from Harry being warned NOT to tell Snape of his harem as he may want to bed some of the women hes with.

To suddenly the guy already told Snape of his Harem.

To Harry actually freaking saying hes fine with it. Which seems rather than harem they're his fuck buddies and he doesnt particularly care who beds them. Basically they might as well be whores at a brothel and him the owner he enjoys them the most frequently. Maybe.

Not for me.

Hated the Akbar games for that crap whether the witches version or the Aladdin one. How people enjoy a game where you're training a girl to hand over to someone else. Like that disgusting weasel Jafar?

No, self cucking games are not my thing.
3/23 c2 BlindEagle7734
Can we have a part 2 please?
Loved it
7/11/2020 c2 22ReaperOfBalance
Black widow
Sue Storm
Jessica Jones
7/11/2020 c1 ReaperOfBalance
Nice start, haven’t played the game but I know of it. Though part of me wishes you had made it so Harry’s counterpart was headmaster and his father was born much earlier to allow it
9/18/2019 c2 7Xana Shadow
Pls update
6/30/2019 c1 Alfyn
Your Story is disgusting. It is particularly disgraceful to females. Sharing girls in his harem? Wtf? Girls like Sona Sitri showing Harry her "pussy" when he looks lik3 a 100 years old Dumbledore? How old exactly are you? 8? 9?
6/5/2019 c2 Bigman1982
Can't wait for the next chapter of this story
5/6/2019 c2 Guest
Buffy Summers?
4/19/2019 c1 Edocsiru
Oh by the way Mr Guest, Dumbledore's sexuality was never told in the books. He being gay is fanon, not canon. JKR may have implied it, but it isn't part of the books, so it isn't canon. In truth we know next to nothing regarding Dumbledore, and he was a minor character with barely a couple lines in most books.
4/19/2019 c1 Edocsiru
Delphi Riddle? Arg... I hate that non canon shit...
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