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10/3 c34 11Notsae
Open fire, and let the galaxy burn. Put Eustass and his whole crew's heads on pikes, burn their ship, burn their flag, burn their memory from the world, then kill the rest of the cast. Everyone, hero or villain, pirate or marine, slaughter absolutely every vital character to the plot Panda holds so dear. Bring the flames of war, the fires of hate, to all he holds dear, then choke the the life from his broken carcass in the ashes of all he loves.
10/3 c33 Notsae
Well then, he should murder Nico, and all of the Strawhats. If Pandaman killed his bird to stop him from killing Eustace so the story would play out right, shit directly in his mouth and throw his precious story into the garbage. Desecrate and destroy everything he loves, then ascend and do it in every world before killing him personally.
10/3 c32 Notsae
Good, burn that piss stained bridge to the ground. Go full pirate vigilante, fuck both sides. Fuck bounty hunting, just kill them and take their stuff.
9/30 c33 quarttzblade12
Is the buff form called Jacked Sparrow?
9/26 c34 Ur mom
I am still mad at kiwi's death but the story is still good but
9/28 c34 quarttzblade12
wonder if our boys gonna eat that fruit to fly again
9/28 c34 Mad167
AYO I just binged this whole thing, and while I normally hate gamer fics, this one was GENUINELY AMAZING
9/26 c34 montykinomovie
holy shit, i need more!
WE need more!
9/25 c12 Rangle
Oh wow, it's getting worst. I thought I'll give it a chance but I can't maintain my suspension of disbelief. It's just too dumb and convenient.
9/24 c8 Rangle
Wow, I hope you've improved.. because you're writing your protagonist as an idiot. That doesn't inspired much confidence in your writing skills.
9/21 c34 Guest
I’m so pumped for the next arc! You’re super talented bro
9/23 c34 Racist Looking Sbeve
I just binged through this fic, and I gotta say, I regret not reading it sooner.
9/21 c34 Grounded Chaos
Hello! This is an amazing fan fiction, and I'm very excited for the next chapters! I'm really excited to see how Pandaman acts as an antagonist and if we'll ever see Tomatoman ever again!
9/21 c34 AnimeNeet
So would blessing of the heavens made him a world noble or something? I wonder how it would have worked since his a wanted man. I like how you kept Haki from becoming a part of the system because I think it will be restrictive in the future because of how op haki can be. Not the biggest fan of ch 33 tbh because it seems silly in a lot of ways and lessens some of the story’s tension but I think it has a lot of potential.
9/22 c33 Jimmybob2
This story is by far the best one piece fanfic I’ve read. Others like this bites! I find cringe personally
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