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12/2 c34 M1stymix
well those whiners have a point mc consistently gets afraid or cowers against something he can't fight the former Roger Pirate, Kuma and even Kong. I don't mind mc being warry but come on begging? what kind of mc would beg for his life. Interesting mc are typically fools who stand against the untouchable Foes, make the impossible possible, some even inspire hope when there is none.
12/2 c21 M1stymix
fcking hell mc acting like a wimp again in front someone he can't defeat at this point I think Mc should never be able to unlock the conquerors haki I know it's normal but the guy is the mc of the story he could've explain how this all started like with details
12/2 c14 M1stymix
lol I knew not chasing killer while Eustass was badly injured was gonna bite him in the Ass.
12/2 c11 M1stymix
if there was whole lot of nothing why doesn't he try to learn Haki?
12/2 c9 M1stymix
lol Mc is funny he thinks he won't be part of the story when the guy has the Gamer system there was also the part where he was forced to accept a quest few chapters back
12/2 c5 M1stymix
lol has jack not seen one piece a lot of people are unblanced heck I'm pretty sure Luffy has lower Wis or int with luck of the devil. How about telling them that you fought him somewhere close to the city or heck leave the body somewhere close then get the bounty.
11/30 c42 2blackbloodywolf
I just re-read everything from chapter 1 and it was still just as enjoyable as the first time through. I love this story and can't wait for an update!
11/24 c32 UnknownEntity92
And dropped. This just ruined the entire story for me. Well it was good while it lasted. Unfortunately like most fanfics it degrades as it goes on. Wish the author the best but im out.
11/15 c42 HahaGuestReviewr
I must say I'm tired of the power creep speed. It's too monotonous and linear-feeling. The story's starting to lag - hurry on across the time-skip and/or find something interesting.
11/15 c42 3Spidey-phd
Your story is hilarious and entertaining. You do an amazing job of dealing with very serious topics (piracy, murder, torture, disfiguration, rape) while somehow keeping the story funny (a Toucan sword!?).

Also, smart use of self-awareness. One Piece is a bizarre anime world. The continued acknowledgement of that fact assures me that "Jack Sparrow" is not yet as insane as his counterpart.
11/13 c42 1EliteShadow
love this story hope to read more of this story soon please update again soon!
11/13 c5 MythicalDemonGod
Oooh, I love the concept of revivals! It's almost never done despite all games having it as a function.
11/11 c42 5F14M3RZ
You know, Yatagarasu being chatty could lead to some fun moments. Imagine Tashigi catches up with Jack because she wants Fragarach back, then becomes intrigued when she meets Yatagarasu, a Meito that not only ate a devil fruit, but can communicate. Then while Jack tries to explain to her about what happened, Yatagarasu makes things worse by painting him as a bad guy, lamenting how horribly Jack treats him (which is technically the truth). All so that he'll change hands and have a wielder that would give him the respect he feels he deserves.
Classic One Piece antics, plus it's a neat excuse for Jack and Tashigi to fight.
11/11 c34 Ultrahi
ohhh yesss
11/11 c33 Ultrahi
...I don't like this development with Panda at all.
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