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10/25 c35 P34644563
thanks for the chapter.
10/25 c35 Vinny13
Hurray kid is dead! I wonder how wano is going to go down now. I wonder what that quest was?
10/25 c35 6OFARiolu
Ffn has a app which keeps me here tbh lol most of the web browsers for the phone for fanfic sites kinda suck ass as well
10/25 c35 Hong-Meirin
10/25 c35 PasiveNox
great chapter wonderful wonderful :)
10/25 c35 3Thefallenjedi66
FACK YEAH! STILL HERE BROATHER! though im a bit worried that your word count has taken a hit, im glad you still writing to this day. Keep it up!
10/25 c35 Ebrahim051
man that Shambles almost gave me a heart attack I thought Law swapped Kid's place with somebody else. Good thing that guy is finally dead, never liked him anyway.
10/25 c35 lilbigstoryteller
Great chapter. I thought Kid was going to escape again or something, but I guess not. Also, I wonder how Jack will do against the Pacifista.
10/25 c35 12Hit1903
it was a good chapter though i wanted to see some banter before he offed Kidd. I understand why he killed him quickly but I don't like it.
Kidd should have died realising karma biting him in the ass. he should have been killed slowly realising that he would be forgotten in history instead of becoming even some famous pirate rather than pirate king.
10/25 c35 2TsknRaider
I like the Eustass was just taken out like that. It makes your character seem smarter. But I also hope Killer survives, just so Jack gets a chance to tell him why his captain deserved to die.
10/25 c35 HateReborn27
welcome back
10/25 c35 Tryndamer95
This is fucking awesome, the taste of victory is the biggest awards in the battle
Now we waiting again to the next chapter, i cant wait!
PD: With 440 points for lvl, is little bit being Super Jack to Omni Jack, holy shit
10/25 c35 Kuman
Amazing work in this chapter. Fuck that panda faces guy and fuck canon. Burn it all baby
10/25 c35 1Breton117
You never disappoint I thought I would be a more fair fight but jack destroyed him completely
10/25 c35 2eman3232
Hell yeah this chap was so good. it really is so satisfying.
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