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for A Gamer In South Blue

11/9 c35 pizzaeater101
Love the story. I’m curious about what Jacks next step will be now that Kid is dead and he's committed to messing with cannon. He has no reason not to go full adventurer pirate like Luffy and crew now that he has a bounty on his head. If he wants to piss off Pandaman saving Ace would be a good place to start. With his brother alive, Luffy may not even go on the 2 year training trip.
11/7 c35 Guest
Man can't wait for the next chapter. The last time I read this you went underwater and this story went on hiatus. I'm glad I noticed more chapters. I cried when kii wee died I just wish that tyrant suffered more. At least you killed kid. I wonder if it's to late to save Kuma now that the pacifistas are a thing and also I wonder if Jack is going to kill this panda man. My favorite part of the chapter I just read though is tied between kids brains splattering or the interaction with Luffy after the fact "he burned my nakama" was perfect. I look forward to more.
11/8 c35 1ramsesjames05
11/8 c2 Kiyan9435
what's a gamer without gamer's body and gamer's mind?
11/8 c31 samuelfoster646
Oh naw he killed fucking Kiwi? It's about to be a bloodbath
11/8 c35 3Xiyou-Chan
Wow, that's a hella right reason to answer.
11/7 c34 Xiyou-Chan
HOLY SHIT! HE HAS A D IN HIS NAME OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD! He'll been known forever as Jack D. Parker.

Wouldn't be funny if the three D's go up against Big Mom and Kaido?
11/7 c33 Xiyou-Chan

There's so much revelations! I can't believe someone done to Kiwi! And I kind of disappointed he must not interact with straw hats and the hell he can't exact his revenge just because he's essential in the main plot? That's what I'm thinking if ever Jack kills Kid. Jack will be the one assume the role especially in defeating Big Mom along with Law.

Ahhh, this is difficult!
11/7 c32 Xiyou-Chan
WOW, Jack Sparrow to Jack "Monarch Killer" Parker.

For a second thought, HE'S A SUPERNOVA
11/7 c31 Xiyou-Chan
11/7 c30 Xiyou-Chan
Ah shit, that might be Koala who can't attend.

Shit again, I never thought Hank huhu
11/7 c27 Xiyou-Chan
Personally, I'd like to call him Jack Reacher. These marines have no originality creating an epithet.

I mean, it will change if he became a pirate. So, I won't make a huge deal.

I hope the main quest will complete soon! I'm waiting for the rewards!
11/7 c26 Xiyou-Chan
That's quite a morbid thought... I hope the South Blue Arc ends soon. Cause I'm waiting if Jack ever meet the strawhat crew by some fate or the Gamer have a inner sadistic to screw him over.
11/7 c25 Xiyou-Chan
Ahhhh, when Jack gonna reach billion. Luffy and his crew might be on the way to Water 7. Huhu.
11/5 c35 Guest
You would think that the Roger pirate Jack faced back then would be strong enough to defeat a Pacifista. But the level difference says otherwise.
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