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11/3 c1 1Lycoan2109
Also regarding the DF theory it does make some sense . Just read chapter 1 of Manga . and after that he did change though it could be credited to Shanks.
11/3 c1 Lycoan2109
So Kids Backstory was recently disclosed in an SBS volume.. It could have come into play but well I am sure you'll surprise me. Other people may complain and all but I am not that rigid about One Piece. I just don't like some stereotypes and some stuff people just think is real without having read the manga. so I really like your story. its a real good take on the gamer as well as exploring small snippets from manga cover stories and seemingly small mentions. we all know its gonna be important. though I think Kumas backstory will be AU in this? But nice chapter . Always hyping up. Great work really look forward to it .
11/2 c35 Etokaiten
Nice read. Leaving this as a place holder when I come back in a few months.
11/1 c35 6Flen99
Story is lit
11/1 c19 Flen99
Jack not going for the sword earns him smart boi credit

About devil fruit reincarnation. Aren’t the fruits shaped in crazy ass ways? There is no easy way to know a compatible fruit for a devil fruit. The world gov and doffy could put every single effort into it, and still just be wrong. Especially if more than one type of fruit is compatible. The apple very well could not be a coincidence, and it was simply a higher percentage of success.
11/1 c18 Flen99
Like the story

About the fight with kid, maybe I missed it, but Jack should have CONSIDERED, sabotaging the ship, the same way he considered attacking the weaklings, than immediately running away. When the character doesn’t even consider the smart decisions, you make it a fact that he has zero intelligence. Even better, is when you make it to where the smartest decision he is capable of making, is still the most fun one. I like the story, and I like Jack, but I have to acknowledge that he is dumb.
10/31 c35 9Emrys Akayuki
Holy shit, I kinda didn't expect him to win that! And that is the perfect way to shut Luffy down and make him understand.

Great chapter, so looking forward to the next. I can't imagine the watcher is too happy with him now...?

On a side note, I can't imagine his fruit actually affected him in any way like that.

I think of the Buddah fruit, that's also a human god fruit. I think that because they are human, unless they awaken, which changes them into their fruit's true forms (I'm assuming sengoku was showing off an awakening during marineford) then they just get the basic powers of it.

'Sides, we saw how Luffy was before his fruit. I don't think it did anything like that. And we've seen his grief since, I don't think it's twisting anything.

It's not like the increased bloodthirst of a carnivorous zoan is overwhelming unless you're a psychopath who leans into it like lucci.

I think I went on a bit of a tangent there... I guess I'm not a fan of that theory, lol.

Anyway, amazing stuff, can't wait for the next one!
10/29 c35 Guest
Yikes and it seems Luffy’s future teacher has something in mind for the MC but not sure what and I don’t think it is bad intent given that he haven’t attacked him and I doubt range is an issue to him of all people regardless of how far away he is.

Pandaman is definitely going get revenge for this, probably the mindset of “All right, if you want to get involved with the plot with your silly little revenge so badly then you get involved but be careful for what you wished for as I have a lot of time to think of something and I will make you regret it” end with a malicious grin.

As for how Nika could make Luffy behave, I think the MC is overthinking about it too much, Luffy is Luffy.

I don’t think Luffy will hold a grudge over Kid’s death given that I think even Luffy knows how he would react if someone on his crew died let alone all them, I think at most he would be neutral toward the MC or friendly at least unless the MC is going try attack him or his crew.

So the Pacifistas doesn’t have levels because they are more like as objects, very dangerous ones and from the look of things this isn’t the real one.
10/28 c35 Guest
I swear, if the MC joins the Strawhats then I'm dropping this story. It was interesting at the beginning since the MC was doing their own thing that didn't feel like a copy & paste type of story like so many others. Now, sadly I feel like it's gonna be like that due that one chapter you did. I hope that isn't the case.
10/28 c35 Guest
Red's Melancholy how can you hear yourself think over the sound of you attempting to deep throat your own dick. It's not about the arguement you made but how you wrote it lmao, curb your ego.
10/30 c1 jdboss2
excellent story
10/29 c35 aaron8816202
Id be interesting that when he reaches a certain level in wisdom he could be able to create one of his own skills. or upgrade something. mixing tekkai kenpo with kami-e would be completely broken. and impossible for just about anyone else to do. And seeing as he chose "wisdom of self" and got "life return" it could be possible to explain.
10/29 c35 1LordMullen
I find QQ unsatisfying. I just find it's search and filter mechanics in need of
major improvement. Also my work wifi blocks it XD
10/29 c35 quarttzblade12
if Jack ends up in impel down or marineford all I see is him trying to kill as many pirates as possible and trying to give black beard a fruity snack
10/29 c35 stevesgaming87
Is this to r rated for space battles or sv? Would prefer there over qq

Anyways enjoying the story keep it up
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