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10/29 c35 1LordMullen
I find QQ unsatisfying. I just find it's search and filter mechanics in need of
major improvement. Also my work wifi blocks it XD
10/29 c35 quarttzblade12
if Jack ends up in impel down or marineford all I see is him trying to kill as many pirates as possible and trying to give black beard a fruity snack
10/29 c35 stevesgaming87
Is this to r rated for space battles or sv? Would prefer there over qq

Anyways enjoying the story keep it up
10/29 c35 7Frosty Wolf
I agree, FF is really showing it's age. Granted, it is about twenty-five years old, which is a LONG time for a website. Sadly I'm not sure if it can be upgraded to include those functions you've mentioned without recoding the site from the ground up, but I'm not a programmer so that's just a guess.

More importantly Kid went down in flames! Granted, I'm sure Pandaman will retaliate somehow, but it was worth it!

And I admit I never stopped to wonder what the update on Luffy's DF might mean for his personality. But he was pretty happy go lucky even as a kid, so I figure it didn't mean much.

Anyway, I'm glad you'll keep posting here! I look forward to seeing what happens next.
10/29 c35 alec-potter
Great to have you join QQ
I only come to FF as authors like you were posting here. QQ is so much better.

The chapter was nice and finally we can close one objective. Take that Panda chan, you animal abuser.

Looking forward to next chapter.
10/28 c35 Darth Prime
I have enjoyed this story since I started reading backchap 19 and I gotta say your Grammer is great and your story telling is better. I really enjoy the relatively balanced stats you have in this story and hope you can keep up that balance as it continues.
On top of that, I thought I should mention the most important bitThank you for serving.
Just at its base what you do for our country is something any decent human should respect. I can't imagine the dedication and skill required to get onto a submarine, but I do know that achievement alone is also praiseworthy.
thx again, and I hope that after your tour ends you receive the blessed life that you deserve.
10/26 c35 Guest
I doubt Pandaman would go after jack himself. because of tomatoboi(cant remember his name at the moment). but go along side of, towa from DBZ xenoverse. just making his enemies more powerfull but not giving him any extra exp either. im not expecting this but it would be cool. an amped up PX-3 Pacifista with higher stats than the others
10/26 c1 Wish
i feel like everyone thinking law somehow saved Kidd missed how his brain-matter was all over the floor
10/26 c35 Guest
This chapter is such a fucking cocktease. Barely a fraction of previous drawn out info dumps and irellevant exposition and whatnot.
10/28 c1 1PhyreGirl
Honestly, not looking to start a new account somewhere else, so I'll skip on QQ, but if you ever start an ao3, let us know, I'd definitely read it on there, I really only check in here every couple weeks or so for stories like yours, and I'll keep doing so even if I'm not getting the full experience because it's an amazing story even without those add-ons
10/28 c35 3jdboss1
I would really like the idea of him handing over their bodies as an apology present to the Marines
within one chapter to have gone from the blue The groundline is quite an achievement

I love the fight scene And the interaction with the straw hat
10/28 c35 1kamenheroHEISEI
Yes yes this is so satisfying

I played pirate warriors 4 unlocked almost everything there is to unlock and I will never play as kid just because of how bloody egotistically disgusting the bastard is

You've heard his stories you've seen his crimes and not a single bit of that makes someone likable character to me on top of his unimaginative use of his power
10/27 c1 2thus dud
In case anybody is considering using QQ be very carefull, i'd caution against it. This website is a dinosaur, but that's good. No one piece fanfiction is worth having a shady fanfic forum keeping information of your legal name, email and IP address.
10/25 c35 Guest
Bro, not a cliffhanger!

But yeah this sites kinda dog shite, why I usually use others, I only come back for certain stories
10/27 c35 Chatterboxe2.0
Red's Melancholy, That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I guess you ignored all the parts that said it makes his work easier. Also, from the way you speak it clear you've never read on qq. Pictures are not opened by default, it's just a tag you have to click on so you can just ignore it if you want.
Also, if you really hate any media when reading, just put your browser in reader mode or something.
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