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8/28 c15 Guest
More update please
8/3 c1 erenbeycik
Give him a brain and this would be maybe fun
7/26 c1 OneAboveKami
Also with a powerful being like a Celestial coming to Earth/Midgard the Asgardiana would have surely noticed. Even we could make an excuse that Odin is yet to be king.

But even than the Sorcocers would have surely noticed. Since Agamotto was very powerful being thousands of years ago. Even if he isn't on earth another Sorcocer supreme would be present.
7/26 c1 OneAboveKami
Why is he only a brain tho. Woth how kuch energy he absorbed from the Star he could have formed his humanoid body. Better yet create a body with the stats of a celestial but looks like a human.
7/24 c15 Mari Wollsch
super, please update soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/22 c15 loulloko
Hm I would like if you could get closer to Canon quicker but oh well, also I have a feeling that you enjoy hoIV for some reason
7/21 c15 reptoholic
I have to say it... you are going with the rout that he is millions of years old and he had advanced technology when humans were like apes yet he only cares about one country on a backwater planet... he could have crated a freaking Galactic empire by now or increased his holding so he is not so vulnerable. I have loved yours stories and up until this one I have not had much of a negative comment, but this is just kind of off... I wonder why he did not just appears later on closer to the time limit if you were not going to have him planet size or create an empire. Technically he has just been manipulating earth for around a millennia... he could at least be getting power from domains like a divine being... Story has great potential I would just suggest widening your gaze and range...
7/21 c14 reptoholic
7/21 c13 reptoholic
7/21 c12 reptoholic
7/21 c11 reptoholic
keep ot up
7/21 c10 reptoholic
7/21 c9 reptoholic
hehehe... please do not lead this to him helping the nazis or hydra...
7/21 c8 reptoholic
sounds good.. mutants? Inhumans? Other Species?
7/21 c7 reptoholic
interesting... hope he keeps them under his thumb in the upcoming years
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