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for Like A Fire in the Dark

12/26/2020 c7 Vi-00
11/8/2020 c7 1dianille
Ahhh, please continue this story... Pleaseee. I'm begging youu
11/8/2020 c6 dianille
Damn godss
11/8/2020 c5 dianille
Ah awesome, how will he break the prophecy?
11/8/2020 c4 dianille
Who? Ah your stories are fascinating. Just so you know, I don't know shit about FFXV, I just read this bcs it is Harry Potter crossover. But your writing makes it more understandable
11/8/2020 c3 dianille
Hmm... He can give an inspiring speech after all
11/8/2020 c2 dianille
Yoo, so clear and concise. Hmm, I think it will be better if he change the empire's name. I mean... Niflheim already associated with much brutality
11/8/2020 c1 dianille
Prophecy always bring trouble
6/17/2020 c7 Nemhain2009
I’ve enjoyed reading your story!
2/15/2020 c7 PsychoVixenXxxX
Take my love, take it, take it! I will give you more than one heart if I can! This story is amazing! I need more chapter, please updateeeee!
12/21/2019 c7 2Clay Bach
ohmigod this is an amazing story
11/23/2019 c6 krzys2000
Good chapter.
11/23/2019 c5 krzys2000
good Chapter
11/23/2019 c4 krzys2000
Good chapter
11/23/2019 c3 krzys2000
good chapter
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