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for And the Unethical Binding Contract

9/13 c1 1Majerus
What an incredible story!
Your build-up is superb, the characters work really well and I'm blown away by your pacing.
Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent!
9/4 c1 GatorLHA2
Bene Factum! Excellent story, well thought out and written.
8/30 c1 threado
Great fanfic! Absolutely loved it
8/29 c1 Font45
Soooo good!
8/15 c1 Kyuubi-dono
Aww. I love it. This is great.
8/13 c1 SomeoneWithTasteDoA
I guess as decent as this story was, somehow I just can't lower my intelligence enough to believe the minister of the BRITISH magical convinced the whole FUCKING WIZARDING WORLD that Voldemort wasn't back, and that all FOUR OF THEM were crazy.

You're a fucking idiot. Shit story. 0/10. Go fuck yourself.
8/6 c1 8gyuunmaesan
Interesting premise. Your writing feels like I'm reading a work of dirgewithoutmusic. I would have liked to see more divergence like the adults being more proactive, though.
7/6 c1 3Naiyene
Oh god. I cried. I cried so much. Because this is so beautiful, because it's so much more hopeful and dreadful. Because we the readers know what is going to happen. Because they don't. And the fact that the two universes are connected… I'm going to start crying again. Thank you for this tumultuous masterpiece.
6/3 c1 1Vercalos
I love the concept, but this greatly needs to be fleshed out, rather than just a summary of events.
5/9 c1 4Tenjo
Cedric, Fleur and Viktor would be fourteen... but considering that you actually said they’re seventeen, that means Cedric is dating a twelve years old Cho.
5/7 c1 what's-up-goochies-my-hoochies
This was absolutely amazing!
4/27 c1 M
Mrs smarty pants the reviewer is an idiot and didn’t read the note before the story.

But that aside, this is absolutely beautiful, and I adore every part of this. Your writing style, the structure, even just the concept- I loved it.
4/5 c1 Nini
Love the story. Very well done
3/29 c1 Guest
Oh my gosh this is such a good story! Your writing style is beautiful and I love how you compared what happened here with what happened in canon. You treated the characters so well. They felt real and I loved their interactions. I wonder what happens in the coming years for Harry. Thank you so much for writing and posting this!
3/27 c1 TzarDeRus
You said Viktor was 17, and you seem to think Cedric and Fleur are too. But, this happens 3 years in the past, so all of them would be 14(in their 3rd or 4th year)
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