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7/15 c64 19Ander Arias
Ah, another flashforward. Kinda feel bad for all the girls, most of their babies had to grow on pods rather than on the womb. And thank goodness quirks happened in the age of modern medicine, or else Toga and her twins would have died a grisly death.

Yeah, couldn't agree with Izuku more, not only is Aizawa an awful teacher that barely teaches them anything and expects them to already know everything abiut being a hero, but there isn't a single situation that would have been better if Izuku didn't intervene. And the next attack on the camp by the LoV will be yet another instance of Izuku being right.
7/11 c64 30SulliMike23
Some hot moments but seriously, Izuku is so wound up right now. What he needs is someone to tell him that killing himself while saving others is NOT healthy! He doesn’t need to die in order to prove that he’s a hero! But something tells me no one will get a chance to do that.
7/11 c64 Gemini-Spark
Aizawa,Vlad,Midnight and the Pussy Cats are so incompetent Izuku doesn't need to grow a thick skin he already has one of the thickest skins in this story they should have stopped Monoma from pissing Izuku and the rest of 1-A off i hope Eraserhead and Vlad King get fired for the rivalry bullshit they just wont stop and that Bakugo and Monoma get expelled seriously why is everyone not doing anything about them this dumb idiots are ruining the interclass relationships
7/11 c64 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Excellent job here, and yeah, Izuku really needs some positive support; again, the whole 'don't get involved' argument fails due to the overwhelming evidence that him getting involved saves lives.

Keep the good writing.
7/10 c64 adammflatt
Reminder to the those like a previous reviewer who are confused on himiko getting pregnant. Some frogs can swap genders for mating and thus it is bot much of a stretch to assume tsuyu can as well.
7/10 c64 AnarionRising27
Loved the new chapter. Enjoyed the glimpse into the future, it looks like no matter what the group does, they will always do everything to the beat of their own drum. I can't wait for the family to grow and "hatch from their eggs lol! i really like that joke you have included". This chapter brings up something you have foreshadowed a lot, which is Izuku's lack of trust in authority. Midnight seems to be the only adult who truly understands how deep it goes, while Aizawa appears to comprehend but not understand the emotional impact that it is having on Izuku. I love how the how class has just accepted the group of izuku, toga, ochako and tsuyu. I can't wait to see what happens when the league attacks, especially with how on edge Izuku is right now. keep up the great work.
7/10 c64 ProtectorKing
Okay, what? How did Himiko get pregnant with Tsuyu? That isn't even possible. Only a male or sperm donation can get a woman pregnant.
7/10 c64 122ZabuzasGirl
Love it.
7/10 c1 dixonjason403
yeah im out. hes a bit too much of a little baby bitch boy for my tastes. like dudes so fucking pathetic im surprised that noones mocking him for being born without a spine.
6/27 c27 Guest
Wait all might train him for 10 months and then just told izuku that he wouldnt immedietaly give him ofa for such a bs reason?
5/31 c63 19Ander Arias
Mei decided to tag along and make it everybody's problem. Then Aizawa pulled a reverse UNO card.

Ah, I had forgotten about that magazine with the Pixie-Bob spreads. All the way back to the single digit chapters. Man, you were keeping that idea for quite a long time, weren't you?

Interesting thing how you made Izuku and Ochako being a couple of future pros remind Kota of his own parents and giving him another source of grief. Also, at least this time around Izuku didn't get his nuts busted by a sucker punch. Also, thank goodness Tenya was there to reassure them that you can be a pro and still have a family.

Lol, poor Kyoka, not only she has to suffer the affection of several couples, but she herself gets carried away licking Momon's fingers.

Great chapter as usual. We'll enjoy the fun and tranquility while it lasts, because there's no way the League won't crash the camp this time either.
5/30 c63 fictionelement777
Want a fun time, then have some 'shine, HA!
5/30 c63 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Heh, this was just too good.

And yeah, it's good that Ochako and Izuku are getting both possible futures of being a hero couple.

Keep the good writing.
5/30 c63 10Yellowpikmin88
Let the camp begin. I’m liking the addition of Mei joining the class (through unconventional means of course) and how Izuku and Ochako’s relationship adds a new layer to Kota’s issues.
5/30 c63 DeadStrike
Absolutely loving this story and the more adult take on a lot of the aspects of U.A students and their behaviours. Given how this story seems to be tracking will it follow how the manga goes with all of the events happening in nearly one year or will you spread it out over multiple years?

Given how the manga seems to be ending soon and no definitive decision on whether or not there’ll be a sequel, my main gripe with the story is that it seems almost rushed. I would have loved to see 1-A in their second year but it seems unlikely.
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