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for Broken Angel: Rising Demon

1/15 c28 naruto
great chapter keep it up
1/15 c28 fireinmyeier
Really liked this chapter. gotta admit thou, that the part in the south pole confused the heck out of me. Not by WHAT is happening but by which franchise you took the idea from. at first i honestly thought it might be something Star Gate related, then when you wrote of a body i thought it might be King Gidorra and we will now have Godzilla Introduced. Now having finished the chapter i think we have just found Adam from the Evangelion Franchise but i honestly am not sure about that anymore xDD!

For half a second i even thought they found a frozen Lich King Arthas and the world will "end" by turning in to Azeroth.

Anyways i am excited about what we will next experience in your Story.

Keep up the good Work!
1/14 c28 Magnaton.sver
Seeing this chapter is like a breath of fresh air, before the storm starts to roll in. I am so excited for this next arc.
1/14 c28 1kidterminator
Can't wait for the next chapter, happy the 1st Avatar arc is done, can't wait for the next arc
1/14 c28 michaelfriede61
I was NOT expecting you to go through Evangellion next. I am so very excited to see Seele get fucked over
1/14 c28 Crimsonblade257
It’s great that Riley and Yugito finally got together. It certainly took a bit but I would still say that it was worth it in the end. Overall, another great chapter.
1/14 c28 1Lord Shiva
My addiction has been satisfied for now. Awesome chapter my guy!
1/14 c28 devil26191996
love it so far cant wait for the next update
1/14 c28 4DA Exodus
This was a great chapter. Was certainly interesting to see how all the avatar characters aged. I also liked the final few scenes of this chapter though I will say it would have been cool to have the scientists find the yuat'ja temple from AVP in the antarctic. Overall though this was a fantastic chapter and I look forward to what is coming out way in the future
1/14 c1 Wol Ryung
Amazing chapter i hope to see more of albion working with magic
1/14 c28 Darzknex
If I was a betting man that last scene is related to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Nice to see another awesome chapter. Keep up the good job
1/14 c1 Cinder.Kitsune
Is the next arc Neon Genesis Evangelion
1/14 c28 Raleon
Thanks for the chapter, I am so glad you came back to this!
1/14 c28 Rairi Valelira
One part ominous and one part creepy. Cults.
1/14 c28 Guest
yes I love this chapter! I feel a bit off about zuko though, what has he done to enhance his power...

oh well 1-3 months for the next chapter.
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