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for Broken Angel: Rising Demon

7/1 c38 Lucifer666
I wonder who would win in a fight Hela or Riley, or better match Odin and Riley?
6/29 c38 WeeDevil
Oh i love this story so much i can not wait to read the next chapter
6/11 c38 Cookiesndip
Speaking of children, how about Taylor Hebert? Just make her adopted by Annette and Danny with most everything sealed because of QA and/or a no magic setting. Riley heading to the Wormverse for a brief stint, even merely to learn and apply Shard mechanics would be both fascinating and useful, especially as she grows. It also would solve that whole everyone becoming LCL problem during Eva, while still connecting everyone to Lilith/Riley.

Alternatively, if you want maximum drama, let Zion be her kid, during Golden Morning.
6/7 c38 Tayosei
Wonder if the power of Riley's sword is the second true magic the Keleidoscope. Regardless good stuff as always.
6/4 c38 pau456
Great chapter!

I recently had a dream that somehow the Halo Universe comes into the mix. But I don’t know how that would even work with the DC space around. Would be cool though.
6/2 c38 1Rhyn3
question, has she, and if not is she planning to, do for the other eight what she did for Kurama? the releasing their limiters on power? Also, did the new demons among her mates get that fidelious'd, or has she not done that?
5/29 c38 Rhyn3
an idea for another of Riley's kids: Muzan from demon slayer
5/27 c38 The Deep Sadness
Really enjoyed the chapter. Can't wait for the next one :)
5/26 c38 3PaladinAllen
Bahaha. you made the seven emotions being tied to her. bahahahahah.

now i wonder about life and death. the aspects, not the concept.

meanwhile, do you still have any stock to having a discord? i would love to be in it and help shape the story.
5/26 c38 Deathchill
Good chapter. I hope she eats Trigon (insert evil laughter) and puts Elizabeth in her place.
5/26 c38 4Black Magic99
ok so are her time travel children the original siblings? did older E find them after the scatter and then placed them where we found them in this timeline?
5/26 c38 naruto
great chapter keep it up
5/26 c38 1AvidReader2425
Fantastic! Absolutely loved this chapter and its twist with her child. You continue to show why this story is such an awesome and incredibly fun read! Thanks for all the work you put into it and I am very excited to read what comes next. :)
5/25 c38 Shallow69
Excellent as always. Keep up the good work.
5/25 c38 devil26191996
cant wait for next chapter. keep on writing
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