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for Broken Angel: Rising Demon

5/14 c29 CyDawg
One of the best fics I have ever read. I had my doubts when it came to crossing over so many fandoms, but you did it. Amazing work
5/10 c30 Juubisama123
I wonder if your going to have riley find out what luna and Elizabeth are hiding from her
5/8 c30 Mari Wollsch
great, can't wait for next chapter! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/8 c28 Mari Wollsch
hey, i tought Riley would marry Giai in december 1999, did you forget or was that changed? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/2 c1 Guest
You should add mortal kombat in the stories
4/26 c1 marsipan
how Come none of her children have sharingan or byakugan
4/23 c30 Pattou59
4/20 c30 The Happy Dwagon of Fun Time
Ahhhh, THERE's the moon dummy. I've been expecting something of the sort ever since in the first book when she was terrified of moon people.
4/20 c30 godoftechnouin1
Can you update Darkness Reborn?
4/19 c30 Crimsonblade257
Wow, a lot of twists... I was certainly expecting something bad would happen while Riley and the others were away. I honestly wasn’t prepared for such a disaster to occur. I hope they make it back soon. I’m still eagerly awaiting more of the DC universe to appear but now I’m a bit worried how much the various characters would be relevant if half the world is destroyed by meteors and whatever else might be coming.

Also I’d never have assumed that Hinata was the one that the invaders were after. I felt it was hinted at the end of last chapter that they were after someone, I had believed it would have been Riley. But with hinata having so little ‘screen time’ I’ve been under the impression that she’d continue to stay in the background.

Finally I’m not even sure what to guess Luna and Elizabeth have been hiding from Riley...

Anyways great work as always!
4/19 c30 Guest
When are you going to update Darkness Reborn?!
4/19 c30 4Black Magic99
well shit, riley really has great timing... or at least the plot does
4/19 c30 AvidReader2425
Absolutely fantastic! And one hell of a cliffhanger, and I am definitely curious about that conspiracy involving Luna and Elizabeth, but I am honestly positive there won’t be any harm towards Riley, and if there is, I would be shocked to my core. Also, when going out into the universe, the DC world has already been introduced, but because it’s such a big universe, other space fairing media such as games and movies can be introduced as well, just from other galaxies. Once again, another fantastic and highly enjoyable chapter. Immensely looking forward to the next one.
4/19 c30 naruto
great chapter keep it up
4/19 c30 Rairi Valelira
Next up a very pissed off riley
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