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9/16 c5 9Asuka1920
Can’t wait to read more!
6/23/2019 c5 Tora3
Thanks for updating. I really like Yong-ha
6/23/2019 c5 Guest
Great story! Thanks for the chapter!
6/22/2019 c5 4bookgirl18
This was a great chapter! I really like this story!
5/19/2019 c4 2Daisy Vibe
I really like what you have going so far! Your characters are so very interesting, and I am eager to see what your plans are for this story!
5/11/2019 c4 1agimaru
Zeno's backstory really got me when i first read it so i am sympathizing hard... and i'm wondering how deep her doubts will affect the future.
2 isn't really enough to remember, is it... i am happy she went back to explain.
looking forward to the next chapter.
4/28/2019 c3 Moonfana
It's well written story, I like the way it's heading. Slow and steady pace, building a character and it's history. I hope Your muses will work their Best for You. :)
4/23/2019 c2 Lala
I was entrigued by the first chapter, so when I looked back today, I was happy to see another one! Love what you’ve done so far with Hak, but with Yong-ha - is she gonna be the HHB’s medic? Or work in the palace?! Wait! Don’t tell me! Or hint - Let me wallow in my imagination and be wowed by what you choose to do. I am curious about the siblings reunion and how Hak will be as he grows...wonder if he will forget his sister or not...hmmm. Anyways, looking forward to when I see you’ve posted more!
4/15/2019 c1 11freakshow
Wow so far this story is really good and I wish you good luck on your next update

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