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1/21 c27 Guest
Excellent chapter as always. In my opinion, the best parts of this fic are the cultural friction and Loghain, and this chapter had both of those in spades. I'm also pretty excited for the story to finally leave Illium and for the adventure to continue. Once again, great stuff, can't wait for more.
1/20 c27 Carre
1. Liked the Servo Skull following Shepard to the Normandy.
Will it get a nickname?
2. Keep Up with the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!)!
1/20 c27 Guest
Loved the Inquisitor and Rogue Trader
1/20 c27 RandomReader
Heavy Bolters will be rather effective at bringing down barriers, since the explosion has kinetic energy as well. For comparison you could have a look at the ML77, the missile launcher from ME (which fires actual, bigger missiles, not bolts ofc).
1/20 c27 E
I feel like your assessment of 40k weaponry is pretty fair so far. Stubbers should be pretty average at best, as they're generally considered just bulky/mass use weaponry in 40k (I.E. only powerful or useful when used in bulk, and as an extremely cheap and easy to make weapon). Yeah, there's a couple variants that do better than others, but overall they're pretty shit even in a universe where everything is lethal (or maybe I should say especially). So maybe they have a couple gun-specific advantages, but I think they'll be overall worse for enemies with Kinetic Barriers. Las weapons are a great middle ground. Reliable, very good anti infantry weapons as they melt through lighter armor extremely easily and only falter on thicker materials like Adamantium and such, and they're very scalable. You can take the same general principles of a las rifle and just make it bigger and it will work just the same, but now effective for a different weight class of warfare. You're not fuck up a tank with it (at least in 40k, most Mass Effect vehicles are much more lightly armored and rely more on shielding that won't trigger for lasers), but you can demolish most infantry with ease. I'd say a good way to balance it story wise is to make it harder to carry/handle (as the ergonomics of lasguns are shit) and have a lower ammo capacity (so worse for protracted missions), but superior just about every else. They'll go through barriers, and anything but heavily armored people won't do a thing to stop your average lasbolt in ME, never mind a longlas shot. They'll be way more accurate too. Exotic weapons should, obviously, absolutely demolish everything in ME because 40k is insanity and the higher up the chain you go, the more that amplifies. So if I see a *heavy bolter* have issues with infantry I'm gonna go a little apeshit. Anything that can blow an average man in half in a single shot is going to shred kinetic barriers and the thin armor of ME people. "Flak vests" like the Imps use are thick and designed to protect vital areas from lasbolts and stubber shots, but leave more areas exposed in general than the hard suits of ME. So, precise weapons like the guns in ME would actually be fairly effective against your run of the mill guardsman. Any veteran, though, is gonna have better equipment, and will have a much better defense overall than your average ME guy with their thinner ceramics and flexibility focussed suits. Carapace armor is essentially really dense and advanced ceramic plates, so I think it would just be better.
That's all I wanted to contribute on that front.
Really love your story and I hope to see more.

I await more, as always.
1/19 c27 Guest
1/18 c26 E
Excellent writing, but the switch to first person for a whole chapter was kind of jarring. I prefer third person immensely.
No criticism other than that.

I await more, as always.
1/20 c27 1DeepCFisher
Great as always. Jarrion and Loghain interactions are my absolute favorite.
1/20 c27 6Admiral Saris
A fun little follow up to the last chapter.
1/20 c27 negronomicon
Brilliant chapter as usual, I read the conversation between Loghain And Jarrion in a very english accent in my head!
1/20 c27 kukuhimanpr
loghain: hey, are you feeling comfortable?

jarrion: nope. in fact, i'm very uncomfortable.

loghain: good. stay that way. by the way, why don't you invite me to have drinks together with you.

jarrion: would. you. like. to. have. drinks. with. me?

loghain: sorry, im too busy.

gas, gas, gaaaaaslight.
1/20 c27 Dasgun
1/19 c27 Canthurt
I suggest is for jarrion to send a retinue or two to personally teach shepherds crew on the basics, maintenance and rites of the weapons. This will also give shepherd a chance to learn the other prespective of a common imperials
1/19 c27 finstermunker
Jack with a plasma cannon. The universe isn't ready. Loved the inquisitor showing off her inquisitive chops, making the dear lord captain question if she was in his head. Excellent work.
1/19 c27 Bladerunner24k
Nice pacing . i enjoyed seeing a more human side of loghain
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