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8/11/2021 c1 hallunatic
Beautiful story
8/17/2020 c1 60AzTec999
"Because my first love? I'm looking at her right now."

- ffs, Shinji is one of the smoothest guy in the series despite being too blunt and casual like Shunsui sometimes. Also, I didn't consider this ship not until I saw the final arc in the manga and thought that their captain-vice captain is really interesting and a bit humorous. Glad that Momo finally got the peace and love that she deserved since the canon events has been too harsh on her. Thanks for writing this! Great job!
6/7/2019 c1 101010932
I loved it, it was so fun and in-character but also serious, and the way you managed to fit even the epilogue was amazing. There are not enough stories of this ship, so please keep writing!
5/25/2019 c1 j23d
asdfhkjl, oh my god, I'm in love! I saw this on tumblr recently and I'm mad that I didn't get a chance to read it when it first came out, I missed out on such a great fic! I saw the art for this and fell in love instantly, and before that I wasn't really a big fan of this ship. I love nosy Shinji, he's so skeevy, but like in a good way! And Momo, oh muh gawwwd, precious baby girl Momo! She was very in character, perfectly balanced between strong and sweet and she knows when to lay down the law. Especially when she was like "please refrain from making references or jokes about your death," IT WAS SO GOOD! YOU TELL HIM GIRL~! GAWD, he wants you to be CAPTAIN! BUT THAT WHOLE SCENE! Absolutely GREAT action with a great, sweet resolution. Then there's Shinji being nosy as hell and the library thing, ffffffuckin love that, makes total sense after the whole Aizen thing. aierhjlk;k i don't know what to say, but I'm in love. This is my new favourite ship, I haven't checked if there's a lot of content for this pairing, but gd, you sucked me right in. I've got a feeling that I'll be rereading this plenty, great job, this is such a good read! ︎ :) ︎
4/21/2019 c1 5Fractoluminescence
(I'm commenting as I go)
I love how you portray these two - I feel it's perfectly IC. Details are so perfectly placed too. I love it
It was a really good idea to alternate. It gives a very good effect.
But seriously. One can hear the very voice of each character - and the thoughts are so specific to the both of them. (I wish I had something else than 'good job' to say - something more powerful. Do you happen to have that in your vocabulary, by any chance?)
(BTW, nice picture. Where'd it come from?)
Woah, nice way to deal with that student! Bow to master Shinji (and the one who happens to write him that way) *bows*
You know, sometimes I think stories that good should be forbidden. It ruins people's sleep. See, for example: me. It's 3:20 am. Ugh. And yet I just didn't come to the conclusion that stopping the reading to go to sleep was a god idea. Your fault. Too interesting a story to stop right in the middle...
Some people just rush love stories so much. Your writing of it is perfect though. Still trying to figure out if needing sleep's making me this emotional, but I'm pretty sure it's NOT because I'm tired.
Good night anyway. Think I'm gonna have really sweet romance dreams tonight...
4/18/2019 c1 Guest
I was looking for a good Bleach story to read,and I have to say,I really enjoyed reading x Momo is a pairing I never considered before ( I'm not much of a shipper with Bleach,mainly a Renji x Rukia fan),but they do seem like they would make a good couple...
4/18/2019 c1 3bloodredstars
Hi! Just saw you left a review on my story, so I thought I'd reply in kind. I loved your story! Particularly, I like how you put time to develop different aspects of their relationship, from their mutual fear of trust to their own respective journeys of overcoming their own faults, and did it so organically too. Definitely going to my favorites!
4/16/2019 c1 3C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only
I NEED MORE OF THIS! AAAAUUUUGGGGHHH!...Also, I worry for Kira, that ONE sentence with Rose saying he's half-dead...We know, but we'd like for him to be alive, please?

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