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for Throw Away the Key

5/10/2022 c1 40Labyrinth01
Whoa, this was hot! I love dressed up, super-sexy Scully. You are an excellent writer, and you really get into Scully's head. Thanks for writing.
9/13/2020 c1 13RizzlesFandom
I sobbed at the description of Scully’s identity with Mulder. Beautiful and sexy.
9/13/2020 c1 RizzlesFandom
You win. Holy fucking hell do you win. This was so incredibly well done. Fuck.
11/14/2019 c1 jennylovescastle
Awesome story and writing. I love how Scully tells him why she is his. Perfectly written
Thanks for writing
4/17/2019 c1 83LoveShipper
Glad Daniel got booted to the curb where he belongs. Dana is with her true soulmate
4/17/2019 c1 11Laryssapascal
So good and hot! Would love a sequel that included a bed!

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