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3/26 c39 10AlchemyWriter
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/25 c32 AlchemyWriter
About Algernon versus Saul, I remember reading another Dumbledore/Weasley bashing story called Harry Potter and the Daft Morons, where Croaker have the name Saul to Dumbledore so that Dumbledore couldn’t call him by his real first name, though Croaker was also a different person than Neville’s uncle Algie.
3/23 c39 LadyWillowElf
I am dying for more of this story
3/21 c2 Darklightningstorm
Also, finally someone who dislikes Snape. I don't understand how he's so popular. You can barely go two stories in this fandom without tripping over him!
3/21 c2 Darklightningstorm
I was so hoping it wouldn't be showy. Tsk.
3/21 c39 superdude50989
Looking forward to more chapters
3/20 c33 14mysteryheart
I was a bit put out that Albus didn't get his do's a few chapters back. don't get me wrong, I perfectly understand your reasoning, that doesn't mean I had to like it. but this more than makes up for it, Albus realizing he's been had by two teenagers and his deputy is more than satisfying enough to last me awhile, at least until he's foiled in a major way again, I can't wait for them to take a bit more shine out of his coat.. . . I'm practically salivating it. when are they going to get a bit more handsy? the kisses are cute but their not terribly discriptive ... I mean can't they touch a bit? like have him grip her waist or something?
3/19 c6 mysteryheart
question, if the wards on the room prevent Harry and Hermione from taking off their clothes in the common room what's to stop them from taking off their clothes in their rooms and then going into the common room for some fun?
3/5 c1 Kiabil
so am I still waiting for this story to update

3/4 c39 Joekondo
love the story.
2/27 c38 Geovanni Luciano
It's been 38 Saturdays without an update. Have you misplaced them?
2/22 c39 MK-One
Enjoyed the story so far. I hope you are planning to continue it in future.
2/22 c39 keitaropurple69
I love this story and it is very original, however i was wondering if you were going to be adding anymore chapters to this story or not? and when you are going to post the next book you were talking about?
2/21 c39 Baelorfan
I have been really enjoying this story, even as I feel sad about Ron and Ginny throwing away their chances in return for an iffy vengeance.

It's sad because their mother was prepared to go to Azkaban so that her youngest children wouldn't be punished heavily. This episode shows the power of potions, and also that neither Ron nor Ginny are willing pawns. They are full-fledged offenders.

I like the twists and turns including Crouch dying because of failure to attend to his duties (because of his son's imperiusing him), Barty Jr having to flee, the Polyjuice Prevention wards, Albus showing vulnerability (well, he had no real choice) when Moody is discovered.
2/20 c35 Baelorfan
Good points in this chapter. I like the uncertainty about the referents in this prophecy. Is the Dark Lord Voldemort or Dumbledore? In canon, why didn't Dumbledore have the prophecy orb moved by Harry?

Of course, it's important for the Great Alliance to know the arguments Dumbledore is putting forward. But it's hard on poor Harry and Hermione.
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