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8/15/2019 c8 3Valen Goncalvez
Very good chapter, i hope you update another soon!
7/24/2019 c8 Elfin69
She is having way to much fun teasing everyone.
7/24/2019 c7 Elfin69
will they be able to make a focus for her using the feather?
7/24/2019 c6 Elfin69
I have a feeling that her luck is going to be just like she said
7/24/2019 c5 Elfin69
I like that she is as accepting of the others and not just out to use them.
7/24/2019 c4 Elfin69
Sounds like she is going to have a little luck to help them find the dragons.
7/24/2019 c3 Elfin69
So they are separate souls. will Lyra get her own body again eventually or just have her soul move on at the end?
7/24/2019 c2 Elfin69
Sounds like Yona is going to cause a big stir. Is Hak going with her?
7/23/2019 c8 5Mecharic
Not exactly what I was expecting, but hilarious to read once the story hit its stride. Can’t wait to see how she handles the bandits from the Fire Tribe Saga, or Lily lol
7/23/2019 c1 Elfin69
So is she reincarnated or sharing her soul? I like the reincarnation aspect. At least she is now safe
6/25/2019 c8 sexy Seren
6/11/2019 c8 Newest Reader
Please update soon. I love it.
6/8/2019 c8 MysticFanfictions
This is absolutely fudging amazing! I love this!
I can't really put into proper words, but damn this is a fudging good story! (sorry for the language)

I love how you've blended the two worlds together and made it magical.

The interactions with Lyra are absolutely hilarious and amusing. 2 scenes in particular had me giggling like a madman, ieYona/Lyra beating up Soo-Won and the antics of Yoon needing Yora (Yona and Lyra in one) to get laid by Hak. It'd be cool to see a bit more interaction between other characters as well.

It's amazing to see that you've added in parts about human society progression, yet also a bit of the magical side as well. I especially love the last scene in this chapter, when Yora (Yona/Lyra) talks about us, humans eating fried male balls. Haha! God, that gave me a good chuckle.

Anyways! I'm going to stop here and I'll be looking forward to the future you have planned for this story.
I absolutely loved this chapter! (and the previous ones as well).
5/21/2019 c1 QueenRead77
Please update!
5/15/2019 c8 ChaoticMinds
Lmao, I can't help but feel sorry for poor Yoon. Except I can't help but laugh at his reactions, either. They're just that funny... xD
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