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for Dawn of the Valkyrie

6/27 c26 mikitenshidevil
its been awhile since ive read this ff and rereading it damn. it brings tears to read what they have gone through. im glad that eve is able to have her family again even if some of them are being a douche. cant wait to continue reading and rereading
5/19 c26 Twilove29
Excellent story so far. Am looking forward to reading more!
5/18 c1 46Constance Truggle
Rereading... again. That vow Loki makes to her... roes that have anything to do with how the Potter Luck managed to twist the soul magic so the family comes together? Everytime I read this, I find some new seemingly-innocuous tidbit you've slipped in, so I'm hoping that's one.

5/14 c26 9Romantific
Please update soon.
5/9 c26 james.mattson.7
A truly superb story so far, I look forward to the future chapters
5/8 c11 b00kworm93
I've read this story a couple of times and I can't help but wonder if the valkyrie's name happens to be Sigyn
4/21 c9 asdasd
I find my self skipping about 50% of the paragraphs as this story goes on. A good story, but too much useless text
4/16 c2 Magic Girl Forever
1 love your story
2 when frigga is comforting Loki she asks about Midgard and helheim being the last realms left just thought you should know
4/15 c26 Guest
Omg that's awesome, more please?
3/29 c26 6Darkis Shadow
Oooooooh my God this story is amazing! I'm looking forward to the next chapter of the saga. Curve balls left and right with this one~
3/24 c26 APridefulSin
3/23 c26 jarney101
I love this story please keep up the good work!
3/17 c26 t.i.craig
Love the whole story, awesome ways that you've woven the worlds together. Can't wait for more
3/15 c26 Jaded Firerose
Love this story, love this chapter, love the drama. Can't wait to see what happens next.
3/15 c25 Jaded Firerose
Great chapter, loved the way Draco exploded, lol.
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