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for Dawn of the Valkyrie

6/16 c23 DancingMadHatter
This has quickly become one of my favorite stories on this app and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of it!
6/14 c23 Guest
Noooooooo! I *NEED* more chapters!
6/14 c23 misherukuro
Great read.
6/13 c17 misherukuro
Thanks for sharing your awesome writing.
6/11 c23 Guest
J'adore absolument votre histoire et j'attends avec impatience la suite.
Bon courage et que l'univers créatif soit avec vous.
5/31 c1 11flyboy-marine-Harm-Mac 4ever
Absolutely love this story hope a new chapter comes soon!
5/26 c23 3LoneButterfly05
Really really really loving this story! Its well written and well thought out, so its interesting and funny as hell. Ive read it twice and cant wait for more!
5/22 c11 46Constance Truggle
So, I felt the need to reread again. Did I ask before? Or put it out there that I think the Valkyrie just might be Lily Potter? Just my two cents. And this is always definitely worth the multiple rereadings.

5/17 c23 scarletqueen100521
plz, update soon can't wait to read more.
5/16 c7 chasesgirl11
Is Lily Potter Hela's Valkyrie?
5/8 c23 harmony1994
This looks quite cool I really wanted to read about the house meeting.
5/4 c23 APridefulSin
pffft all of them know some level that something happened.
5/3 c11 APridefulSin
... is the Valkyrie Evelyn herself? a future queen and the reason she can be in lokis room? maybe it was death magic... and she's another queen from the future related to death/ a deal with the queen of the dead and became friends with eve? mhmmmmm... so many options...
4/29 c23 taraygosse
This book us beeping awesome, you've opened it up for heaps of details and has so much potential, especially if you end up correcting the convergence and move through to Thanos. Keep up the good work, I look forward to it
4/25 c23 Dendule95
Plllllease update
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