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for The One Before They Become Mondler

4/27/2019 c3 15Babatomyfriends
Aw, that's so Monica, unable to resist the urge to straighten up the guys's (new) apartment inspite of her grudge, grabbing all the work for herself and taking care of Chandler the way he did for her, even when he wants to shake her off - that's so sweet. Really lovely chapter!
4/27/2019 c4 7Mondler2017
That was beautiful. I loved both versions. Mostly Chandlers. I really like how strong their friendship was before their relationship. It just indicates that pre mondler does exist!
Anyways amazing chapters as always. I'm looking forward for more...
4/21/2019 c2 Mondler2017
I loved this chapter so much! It was amazing.
Its so cute and adorable. Chandler carrying Monica melts my heart.
I was screaming when they slept together. Damn I wish this was a story!
You are extremely talented. You have blessed us all. Please continue.
I noticed your title is the song Chasing Cars I love it too!
4/20/2019 c2 15Babatomyfriends
Wow, that's soo cute! And totally believable too, especially the part where Monica lines up his shoes. The part where Chandler specifies his favorite dish cracked me up, that's so him! Really great chapter!
4/19/2019 c1 7Mondler2017
Damn Kip. Ughhhhhh I wanted them to get together! Why is life so unfair?! Okay I'm overreacting. But seriosuly he ruined everything. I hope there's a next part! Poor Chandler.
4/19/2019 c1 27Boris Yeltsin
Loved this so far.
4/19/2019 c1 15Babatomyfriends
As soon as Kip was mentioned I knew where this would go, but it's still a wrench. Such a cruel ending, and yet it's exactly what could have happened. Great writing!
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