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for 100 Bad Days

11/10 c78 1Sarai
God she needs to grow upp.
11/8 c77 Guest
Look forward to more chapters..hope Matt steps aside..hope Logan breaks off his engagement to Odette...hope Finn & Maj get together..hope Rory &Logan get together ...want to know about the baby...
11/6 c77 197Daisyangel
Rory is definitely at the height of her brattyness. lol
11/4 c77 52shari
I came across your story is there going to be more helpfully
10/23 c76 1Sarai
awesome ut she needs to grow up.
9/6 c75 Susan
Great read! I've read Chapters 1-75 straight through..can't wait to read more
9/3 c75 197Daisyangel
What a tangled mess. lol
9/2 c75 1Sarai
Nice chapter.
8/13 c74 Sarai
awesome chapter.
8/13 c73 197Daisyangel
Oh Rory... You're going to get a big slap of reality at some point. lol
8/12 c73 lotris
I don't understand having Rory in a relationship with Matt, except realizing that it can't be and that it was always Logan that's his fault. I wish the baby was Logan's and that they could have a chance to mend their past. That Odette is like Shira does not bode well for anyone, quite dark and I am surprised that Honor and Mitchum do not stand before her move. Rory's idealization of what he thinks of a life is what he can have by starting a family with Logan. Your Logan character so far lacks the strength that would only be enhanced with Rory.
8/12 c73 1Sarai
Oh boy. She needs a reality check.
8/10 c71 Guest
All these updates are really confusing. Can we get to the point re: The baby? And Rory and Logan?
8/10 c72 Pennybla
I hate that you had Rory sleep with Matt.
8/9 c71 LissaP
Very interesting story. Love Maj! Why is Rory being blamed for Logan’s devastation when he is the one who walked away after the ultimatum. That event broke Rory’s faith in relationships. I’m having trouble seeing her move on when she is so close to childbirth. Thank you for making this story current.
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