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for 100 Bad Days

7/3 c69 1Sarai
7/2 c68 52shari
Have read thru to chapter 69. Such an interesting twist on all the characters. Very well done. Anxiously waiting for more
6/21 c68 197Daisyangel
Poor Jess it's hard to figure out what is right when you really want something. lol
6/21 c68 1Sarai
I like it.
6/16 c67 Sarai
6/7 c66 197Daisyangel
This should be fun to read. lol
6/6 c66 1Sarai
I like it.
6/1 c65 Sarai
I like it.
6/1 c64 Guest
Que Logan sea el padre y estén nuevamente juntos con Rory. Matt merece otra historia, que queden solamente amigos. Odette es realmente tóxica que se quede sola con sus planes maquiavélicos.
Maj junto con Finn son buenos y Jess viene bien con esta historia con su admiradora.
5/29 c64 Guest
My favorite chapter so far. Both scenes, great. Maj&Honor are just perfect together, you believe there are years of friendship behing. And Logan and Lorelei, perfect. Thanks for sharing, keep posting please! take care
5/29 c64 Sarai
5/28 c63 197Daisyangel
but Rory's not there this will be fun. lol
5/25 c62 1Sarai
5/24 c61 Guest
I wrote a review that never showed, so here I go again. Though I never read lit fics (I dont like Jess), I think you ve created a really interesting OC with Maj and the story around her. What I dont dig is why such a nice guy like Matt would fall for this Rory, theres nothing likable about her, not even a sharp mind or talent for writing, and she is pregnant with someone elses baby. Its a stretch, imo; Im all for Rogans, but in this case I hope they dont end together, she has to grow up. But of course, this is your story and I appreciate that you share it, and be reading your updates to see how this unfolds. Keep safe!
5/23 c61 Guest
I read this fic in two or three days, and I think its really good. I never read stories where Jess is the leading male character, I didnt like him on the show, I still dont. I love Milo, he is handsome and adorable in This is us, so I decided to give this a shot and it was worthy. I really like Maj, her interactions and liking of Finn, its a good OC that youve created, I mostly enjoy her dialogues with Honor. Im not a fan of the Rory/Matt coupling: this Rory is not exactly appealing, with all her doubts, obliviousness to others pains and a pregnancy of and unknown father: why would someone like Matt fall for her? She is not even a good writer, as you point. Logan is in love because of what they had an can have again, Matt, doesnt seem plausible in this universe. Ill keep reading to see how you develop this, Im sure its going to be interesting. Take care!
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