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4/26 c53 1Sarai
I like it. I feel sorry for the future kid.
4/25 c53 samarz85
I am enjoying this chapter finally someone is telling Rory
4/15 c51 197Daisyangel
Gotta love Luke.
3/27 c50 Daisyangel
Oh my...
3/26 c50 6AJ Granger
Hmm, I wasn't feeling so bad about Jess meeting a girl for dinner with all the Finn time that Maj is having, but I am confused by him calling things off and spending time with family rather than attempting time with Maj. Also, why is Rory returning to Philly? I know she wants Maj's life, but pretending Maj's home is hers is not helping her. I like that Lorelai and Jess are seeing some of these issues, but no one is really pushing Rory to get her life together.

I am curious as to Matt and Chris's thoughts on Rory's tale. It sounds like Matt kind of likes her personally, but Jess didn't seem to think the story made Rory likeable. Frankly, I doubt they could succeed in doing that. She was always very focused on her and ignored the plight of others when she wasn't making fun of them.
3/26 c38 AJ Granger
I am curious if this is a friendship or a friends with benefits relationship. I am also finding myself just curious about Finn. We see bits and pieces of him with Logan, but not enough to really get more than a brief feel for the drunken heir.
3/26 c31 AJ Granger
Wow. I was totally not expecting Maj to be that way. I thought she and Jess were dating as in starting a new relationship, and yet, here she is off for a fling with Finn. I suppose we didn't have a discussion about monogamy, but neither appeared to be dating anyone else. Somehow, I don't see Jess handling her trip well.
3/26 c28 AJ Granger
I am curious about Odette's plans. It sounds as if she doesn't want Logan to have an illegitimate child out there, but she cannot just get rid of someone else's maybe baby. I suppose it could also be the Wookie's child since Rory did have a one night stand.

I'm a little surprised that Jess and Maj are moving quite so slow, but also not surprised either. It's a lot to lose once you cross a line.

I think Jess's take on Rory and how she writes herself if spot on. I watched Gilmore Girls starting in the early 2000s and liked it. I have watched reruns off and on over the years and honestly Rory and Lorelai do not hold up as good people, especially Rory. I felt so bad for Luke and all that Lorelai always puts him through. He bought a big, lovely house because he wanted to marry her and raise a family, and she threw a fit and insisted they had to live in her two bedroom home that required renovations. She also put off any movement towards children until it was really too late to have them. And Rory in AYITL was a poster child for how not to want your daughter to turn out.
3/26 c18 AJ Granger
They are very comfortable together. Love the "huh" that comes from Jess's past.
3/26 c16 AJ Granger
A different sort of kiss...and Jess is driving the get away car for pregnant Rory. What a mess, but a good coordination of avoiding Honor.
3/26 c11 AJ Granger
It's nice to have the past explained regarding the ring, which was already mentioned earlier.
3/26 c8 AJ Granger
Very interesting. Courthouses can get scary when there are threats, calls, guns, or punches thrown. I look forward to seeing what happened here.
3/26 c3 AJ Granger
Started reading on a lark. I like the glimpse of Jess's life in Philly. He seems settled and happy and at home with good friends. I thought Maj might be a romantic interest, but that does not appear to be the case. I like that Jess can see the similarities and differences between Maj and Rory. I also like that Lorelai and Luke at least are realizing what a failure Rory has made of her life. I am a little saddened that they are aiding her in it. Very happy that Jess did not answer the phone, but instead focused on his own life and friends.
2/21 c47 jordana60
Im a little surprised that you've introduced a new possible love interest for Jess. There's Maj and Rory and now Tess. It seems like I'm just starting to know what direction this is going in and starting to get some clarity, and something comes up that adds to the confusion. It's been 47 chapters, and I'm still not sure where this story is going, and its a bit frustrating. That being said, I am truly enjoying the story, and can't wait to find out who the father to Rory's baby is.
2/20 c46 18Seattle Friday
Chapter 47 has some revisions to set up some future chapters that I am working on and will be posting soon - Seattle Friday
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