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3/26 c8 6AJ Granger
Very interesting. Courthouses can get scary when there are threats, calls, guns, or punches thrown. I look forward to seeing what happened here.
3/26 c3 AJ Granger
Started reading on a lark. I like the glimpse of Jess's life in Philly. He seems settled and happy and at home with good friends. I thought Maj might be a romantic interest, but that does not appear to be the case. I like that Jess can see the similarities and differences between Maj and Rory. I also like that Lorelai and Luke at least are realizing what a failure Rory has made of her life. I am a little saddened that they are aiding her in it. Very happy that Jess did not answer the phone, but instead focused on his own life and friends.
2/21 c47 jordana60
Im a little surprised that you've introduced a new possible love interest for Jess. There's Maj and Rory and now Tess. It seems like I'm just starting to know what direction this is going in and starting to get some clarity, and something comes up that adds to the confusion. It's been 47 chapters, and I'm still not sure where this story is going, and its a bit frustrating. That being said, I am truly enjoying the story, and can't wait to find out who the father to Rory's baby is.
2/20 c46 18Seattle Friday
Chapter 47 has some revisions to set up some future chapters that I am working on and will be posting soon - Seattle Friday
2/20 c1 Seattle Friday
Yes - Chapter 47 has some additions to set up future chapters
2/20 c46 Guest
This chapter's been posted already. Did you update it?
1/27 c46 kaleik1
Can’t wait to see what Logan’s plan is
1/23 c45 kaleik1
Oh rory the web you have spun! And what is up with the evil odette and her plans! Logan needs to step up and take some drastic action! Rory seems so out of it... she needs to wake up
1/4 c42 Nancy
Seriously, Logan's main concern is who betrayed him? Wow, what a slant on the world: he is with Odette, but was having his "little something extra with the side" with Rory, and he wonders who betrayed him? That thinking makes me sick to my stomach. I guess that the rich and sleazy always expect everything to go the way they WANT/DEMAND! I am hoping that the baby is not Logan's, but it probably is. What a farce of life people like Logan live! Me, ME, ME all the way and all of the time.
1/3 c42 197Daisyangel
That is definitely the question.
12/19/2019 c41 Daisyangel
Oh what a giant mess...
11/27/2019 c39 Daisyangel
This is going to be interesting.
11/25/2019 c38 Daisyangel
Oh Rory, she likes to run away but eventually she will have to face all of her reality. and of course Logan will eventually find out that Odette knows what's going on. Something tells me that won't go well.
11/24/2019 c36 jordana60
I must tell you that I went back and read from chapter 30 to refresh my memory, and I don’t know where my head was before, but I felt like I was reading a whole different story. I read this with so much more clarity and I didn’t even think about Rogan or Lit...I just enjoyed it. Thank you for updating and I’m excited for another update!
11/22/2019 c34 sandra-LE-223
Oh dear, I so hope that I'm wrong, but this chapter reads a lot like a lot of heartbreak for Jess. Nooooo! Jess needs to be happy!
(Thanks for the update! Can't wait for more to come :-))
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