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9/6/2019 c1 61FountainPenguin
I really love the perspectives and scene you wrote about here! The whole concept about Wanda's fears and her struggle with temptation is awesome and this is very well written. Cosmo's thoughts definitely sound like him and make his diary feel so real, like a constant part of his life, and in general I think you portrayed both their personalities and dialogue extremely well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about these two, because I just it all up and loved it dearly. I hope to read more from you in the future!
6/3/2019 c1 89Demonic Irken
I love this so much. The way Wanda didn’t want to keep reading the diary but couldn’t help herself was a very good detail, and I never took Cosmo as the type of guy to keep a journal.
5/19/2019 c1 36Moana Fan Girl
Awww... That was such a sweet story. I loved it! Very well-written, too.
4/22/2019 c1 CierraMist
Great story! I love this theory!
4/20/2019 c1 27Dreamer1920
“I just imagine the Tooth Fairy boiling to death in a searing pot of lava. No biggie.” LMAO, ur jokes r so good XD

I LOVE this story. Very well thought-out & interesting. I can see ur writing is getting better & better with each story, I WISH I was that good.

Great story, going 2 my faves. :)
4/19/2019 c1 137Invader Johnny
So there was a reason behind Cosmo's "crush" on the tooth fairy, this was quite something that never even came to me, quite a clever idea.

Overall Cosmo does love Wanda and she knows it.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
4/19/2019 c1 155CJS51703
Well, this was the love fic that I needed after love life stress tonight. Excellent!
4/19/2019 c1 2Lost iin Fanfiction
This was brilliant! It makes perfect sense and I feel it does give the closure that a lot of people have been looking for.I have always wondered why he was so “obsessed” with Tooth Fairy. I figured it was because she was famous?! But in the long run, I’m so glad you posted this, because now my mind can rest at peace with this subject, knowing the real reason behind it.

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