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for Not Dumbledore

4/16 c1 Xyfa
I come back to this every few months. Its such a profound character piece, and all the more powerful coming from Ron's PoV. Its very very good.
4/8 c1 Guest
Now this is a Harry Potter I can get behind! Give em hell, bro!
4/5 c1 2Fire Tempest
This is excellent, thank you.
3/23 c1 Blah
This one-shot is great!
3/23 c1 Guest
Awesome fic, loved it a lot
3/23 c1 agentinfinity
Great job!
3/11 c1 Bronze
Sorry to say but there are those that refuse to learn from past mistakes. The Death Eaters were allowed to say and do whatever they wanted between the first and second Blood Wars. Good Ole Fumblemort thought he could redeem them all or most of them anyways and so turned a blind to any and all crimes they did. Harry on the other hand, gave them their one chance to change their ways and they refused to learn or listen. They raised their children to follow in their footsteps so that their bigotry would not end with them. As the saying goes, they threw down the gauntlet and unfortunately for them, Harry picked it up and destroyed them with it. To quote George Santayana " Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. " The Death Eaters failed to learn for the past three generation. Now there won't be a fourth. So, no. Harry Potter is not Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore was a total failure.
3/7 c1 2musme
I like it
2/16 c1 1Scanafritzy
Oh my stars. I really, really enjoyed this!

I found this when looking at a random author's favorites list, and decided to give it a go. I am SO GLAD I did. Harry Potter is most certainly not Dumbledore in this fanfic. What a twist!
1/30 c1 Guest
Thank Merlin Harry is not Dumbledore. An amazing story and so well written that it gave me goosebumps while reading! Thank you for sharing this masterpiece :)
1/24 c1 8LWJ2
Very well done; thank you for sharing it with us.
1/20 c1 Nick
This was a really great story, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Was initially putting off reading it hoping that your other works would update then gave it a chance and was blown away. Thanks for all the great stories you write hope to enjoy more of them.
1/1 c1 harry uzumaki
12/29/2020 c1 Inconclusive
12/21/2020 c1 autumngold
Thank you so much for your incredible story! It's sad that Harry is having to take such destructive actions to keep the peace in the wizarding world. Thank goodness Ron has his back. Wonderful story!
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