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18h c9 KingConner
Thanks 4 chapter!
18h c10 KingConner
Thanks 4 the chapter!
10/12 c10 Avip123
Oh yeahhh, fight scenesssss. Need more action! OP characters are really interesting for me at the moment so keep it up
10/11 c10 JackOhLantern
I couldn't find you on patreon
10/10 c1 10HyperA2019
I hope Naruto got Yuroichi pregnant.
10/10 c6 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chap
10/10 c5 rosaurocunanan16
Ayyyyeeee! Yessir! Kushina is back on the show! Really glad she's here too!
10/10 c11 XenoLucifer
It's really good how you somehow manage to break two rules in one chapter.

1. Advertising and "selling" stories that are about character you do not own for real money.

2. Putting up a chapter that is not actually a chapter.

Somehow you broke both Patreons ToS and Fanfictions ToS at once, I must applaud you.
10/10 c4 rosaurocunanan16
Please pair rukia with naruto!
10/10 c3 rosaurocunanan16
Erm...GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this fic is really awsome!
10/10 c1 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chap.
10/10 c11 4Monster King
I hope to see it continue
10/7 c10 79YeagerMeister31
Well, that was amusing Yammy got his ass handed to him, I can't wait for more.
10/6 c9 YeagerMeister31
So the Arrancar's have made an appearance, they messed up though, just wait until Naruto arrives after he finished fucking Tayuya, damn his little sis huh, kind of expected her to be the older sis but oh well, and he's fucking both his sis and mum he has no shame lol, can't wait for him to meet Tia/Tier.
10/4 c8 YeagerMeister31
That was amusing Naruto got some Soifon action that's amusing, I wonder what happens next.
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