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6/26 c9 2OmniHein
Please update curse of boredom
6/26 c9 Cultured Introvert
'Curse of Boredom'
6/26 c9 Uday Sra
6/26 c9 Uday Sra
6/26 c9 Naruto x sister the best XD
Nice chapter ayeee
6/26 c1 Ezra Raven
War of flavours please
6/26 c9 hentai
I can give you a thousand reasons why curse of boredom is supposed to be updated next but one reason should be enough IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!
6/26 c9 Guest
Sleeping beast please
6/26 c9 dragon night 62
need more kushina
6/26 c9 housejan47
Sleeping Beast please
6/26 c9 NaruCrazy
Sleeping Beast or Curse of Boredom. Cant see the poll in your profile.
6/26 c9 DKILLER1
thanks for the chapter.
my choice for the next story is Sleeping Beast.
6/26 c9 3SoloChrollo
Have a feeling either ur gonna let this go thru Canon and let Ichigo get bodied or ur probably gonna let naruto come in just as Ichigo was going to shine just cuz Naruto is that dude. Anyway Tayuya is a awesome character love that she's in here
6/26 c9 Guest
Curse of boredom pls
6/26 c9 freakshow
Yay fat ass tayuya is here I love it didn't expect it.
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