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for Eternal Night

7/11 c10 3Archilles
awesome cant wait for more
7/11 c10 Ipwlion
This Is kinda Boring, Naruto didnt do anything relevant, he just there, the plot Is the same, Every enemy e fought he let them go or 'spare for later'. This Is the weakest story you have
7/10 c10 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
7/10 c10 dareborden
Thank you for the great update
7/10 c10 naruto
great chapter keep it up
7/10 c10 Guest
Excellent chapter can't wait for more.
7/10 c10 kuch334
Wait what? No I was hoping for demonic you nterfernce dammit
7/10 c10 Guest
Always a pleasure to read your work my good sir.
7/10 c10 Tsuchikami
Thnx... nwn
7/10 c10 4Hadrian von Eveschatten
There're few things better than thoroughly dominating your opponent and then dishing out some beastly pounding. Extra points for the people pounded being the subject's MILF mother and phat-butted sister!
7/10 c10 Theshaman
Great chapter like always good choice with principal kushina and can't wait for more war of flavours
7/10 c10 guest
Please more!
7/10 c10 saraxnaru
Noooooooooooo me want curse of boredom.
7/10 c10 Guest
God dammit my balls!
7/10 c10 1kingnarutoxqueenkushina
There’s nothing like a good principal teacher relationship especially if your mother and son
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