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for Eternal Night

7/10 c10 11HyperA2019
I am looking forward to Chapter 11.
7/10 c10 Guest
Loving it! Hot fucking stuff!
7/10 c10 Melma
Kha da kuni zoy kho dy. Mor ohor na gore bus surf gheen pake Maree. Mara Ka Tayuya ghunde kuna lare, bya kho tar hago pake nanwatal zaror de. Dre salor zal pa kis ke khlass ka
7/10 c10 ssj
Short but sweet
7/10 c10 1Altair-Chaan
Good chapter, I really liked the chapter, both the battle with Yami and the scene of Naruto and the girls.

I am glad that he is going to update war of flavors, he does not know how much I want to see Graifya and Kaguya in action with Naruto, and of course the girls of that series in particular.

Good job and I will wait patiently for your next update on your other story.
7/10 c10 supragh
Mara che harvsomra kha da Kushina ghato kunato ta na rasee. Sirf ye ghaya pa Kona.
7/10 c10 Guest
Keep it up LoC it's getting better and better.
7/10 c10 10SelenetheNerd
Every time I see that you’ve posted a chapter, I know that it’s going to be great and you never disappoint. Keep up the fantastic work.
7/10 c10 Henrai
Gotta be serious here. The principal student roleplay was freaking hot! Had me fondling my dick all the way through
7/10 c10 Guest
Do it
7/10 c10 101VFSNAKE
Yeah! Naruto kicked ass, took names, and got laid. Still needs to bang Rukia though. And Rangiku. And make a porno out of it. What better way to show off his greatness than to leak a porno of his horny greatness for Soul Society to see and make more women flock to his peni-cause! LOL!
7/10 c10 1NaruLemon Stories
Curse of boredom please
7/10 c10 12LoneWolf-O1
Nice Ch, can't wait for the start of War of Flavors
7/10 c10 Fadli546
I can't help but to agree with your decision, to much lemon only serve bad for this wonderful masterpiece. I personally like read lemon story, but if there is too much lemon, the plot itself don't have enough highlights. Besides you already have plenty lemon story :v

Anyway keep your good job author.
7/10 c10 Kurogami Yaiba
What review do you want?
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