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for Eternal Night

7/10 c10 Fadli546
I can't help but to agree with your decision, to much lemon only serve bad for this wonderful masterpiece. I personally like read lemon story, but if there is too much lemon, the plot itself don't have enough highlights. Besides you already have plenty lemon story :v

Anyway keep your good job author.
7/10 c10 Kurogami Yaiba
What review do you want?
7/10 c10 Guest
so since Tayuya is so young who's her father?
7/10 c10 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
Man, Naruto is such a champ, dominating and ravaging both his mother and sister, Kushina and Tayuya respectively into Kingdom Cum. *Chuckles perversely* War of Flavors is next? Bring it!
7/10 c10 hellhound37
great chapter
7/10 c9 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
Ah! Now I know why Rangiku was ranked 3rd Best beauty: Tayuya Uzumaki is the 2nd Best ranked beauty by Naruto after Kushina Uzumaki, who is 1st Ranked Best Beauty. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose, except Tayuya has a foul mouth and is more direct with her desires for Naruto unlike the more calm, controlled, mischievous Kushina. And Naruto didn't disappoint as he fucks Tayuga silly.
7/10 c10 btorresalizaga
I’m little sad cuz the curse of boredom Is not the next but is okey cuz this is your form how you decide which is the next fic, about the lemon I think you will do something like don’t have a lot of lemons but if have one it will be large or something like that for kept happy everyone, and about the fic I feel that is stupid leet his enemies go but this is your Naruto who is arrogant and want challenges, I good but I think that if you don’t gonna keep giving priority something else I don’t get priority to lemons don’t really know what you want to show us, for example this chapter I feel that is unnecessary cuz you only show us how Naruto destroy his enemie like a kid, and the other part where can be lemon but you cut it so I don’t understand so good what was that plane for this chapter and what you wanted to show us .
7/10 c10 FatherOfBoi
Whoa baby, that is a fucking fantastic chapter!
7/10 c10 3SoloChrollo
Now that we're on the arrancar arc I just wanna see what u will he doing with Harribel. I know u got some plans for her when she shows up eventually
7/10 c10 DarkxKitsune15
It was a good Chapter enjoyed the role play and Yammy getting the shit beat out of him
7/10 c10 1insanemaelstorm
This was great. Love how sensual Kushina was portrayed as. Loved the lemon. Can't wait to read more
7/10 c10 Guest
Knew Naruto was going to clean up Ichigo’s mess

So we’ve got Naruto fucking Kushina at work but how long before we see him fuck one of his students like Orihime
7/10 c10 Hiro092
Gracias por el capítulo autor-sama
7/10 c10 fearless
Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot!
7/10 c10 Primarx
family bonding is certainly nice :D
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