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4/21/2019 c1 flamenvy963
Even if it is a side story, still glad to read a promising NarutoXBleach fic.
4/21/2019 c1 CrimsonMaou
Great start to the story looking foward to future updates, are you going to put Unohana in, also have you thought about doing a Naruto One piece crossover. Love it keep doing what you are doing.
4/21/2019 c1 Autismguy593
update soon.
4/21/2019 c1 dlowe2651
Awesome update soon
4/21/2019 c1 xirons20
very good start.
It's the first time I see Naruto as the owner of the urahara shop, I like it.
poor ichigo, with naruto there is the poor bastard is going to have a bad time XD.
the naruto x yoruichi was great.
4/21/2019 c1 2Bonkey1996
Are you gonna add Soi-fon to the group of girls?
4/21/2019 c1 2A Meandering Ghostie
i'm sorry, the end of this is so out place. what kind of transition is that?
4/21/2019 c1 Yahiko 8D
The truth is that I was very, very good, but I look forward to your updates.
4/21/2019 c1 Spacecore94
I am interested in this narutos past.
one question though
is this a heartfelt loving relationship or casual benefits one? are any of the pairings going to be like romantically "in love" pairings?
4/21/2019 c1 Alex-Flyppy
I must say that it makes me very happy to see that you have started a Fic of Naruto and Bleach.

Although it is quite obvious the change you have made. narut is a "Sensei" of Ichigo and friends of this in the "Karakura College" and is also the Head of the "Candy Store" where Urahara, Yoruichi, Tessai, Ururu and Jinta live... What I liked most was seeing, the "Loving Relationship" that there is between Naruto and Yoruichi, including that it was Naruto himself who taught Yoruichi everything about Stealth. Perhaps Naruto was the Sensei of Yoruichi and Urahara while they were in the "Society of Souls" ?

I will continue very anxious this New Fic; Good luck and Ja-Ne.

PS: Add these other women if possible: Soifon, Lisa, Unohana Retsu, Kukaku Shiba, Nelliel, Kirio Hikifune, Senjumaru Shutara.
4/21/2019 c1 shinobinoyami16
I love it hope you update all three even if you only focus on certain parts of the story
4/21/2019 c1 3Archilles
super intensif thanks
4/21/2019 c1 buy5
Please add Rurichiyu to the harem.
4/21/2019 c1 isse
another story worth reading. i loved the lemon
4/21/2019 c1 gguest
keep going
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