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8/15 c3 28iknowuknow
I love this :)
8/14 c3 77Loafer
VERY badass!

But I swear if you kill him this time (OR HER!) I WILL NEVER READ YOU AGAIN EVER EVER EVER EVER.

8/12 c2 28iknowuknow
I feel like he very well could have picked that up in his time :)
8/12 c2 77Loafer
Hey! I can believe he knows a few things out of the "normal" cop range. Besides, they probably HAVE to learn a lot about in-the-field emergency care.

Horst needs a smack.

What I thought of this is all good.
8/12 c2 12classchic1
Yayy you came back to this one! This was EPIC! I loved protective Juliet but also the surprising medical savvyness of Carlton! Please keep the great work!
2/12 c1 classchic1
More! *cries in corner*
8/9/2019 c1 28iknowuknow
You have me intruiged!
4/21/2019 c1 77Loafer
Yes yes yes - no wait - you're probably gonna kill him, so BOO! But it's a lively start, so I give you permission to continue.


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