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for But I Don't Believe

12/1/2019 c1 4David Fishwick
I liked how you wrote Buffy's thoughts about Angel and the world that she lives in. Thanks for an excellent idea.
6/16/2019 c1 Mariko
I love this! Thank you for writing it
4/24/2019 c1 143Mislav
Really moving and poignant story. You described Buffy's thoughts and longings so well. I especially liked the part about Buffy alternating between wanting her old life back, but also appreciating the friends she made in Sunnydale. And I liked how the fanfic was written in a form of a letter to Angel. The last line was really heavy, but a very fitting and powerful conclusion. My favorite part was: "It's unfair, all we've endured. But it's even more ironic that in a world where myths and legends and fairy tales themselves are real, the one thing that doesn't exist is happy endings. We might want one, but it doesn't come, no matter how hard you look for it, how hard you fight to get it. It seems the more you search the farther away it gets. Every time things seem brightest, the darkness rushes to catch up. I would say it was the balance at work if I hadn't broken it so much. No, we can spend centuries trying to find it, but the only happy ending we'll ever know is after the end. One day, when my fight truly is over, I'll go back to my grave and find peace and that'll be the closest I ever come. Until one day far off into the future, you and everyone else I love joins me there. I wish I could say that would be enough.

So I keep dreaming of the world of happy endings. I wish for it all I want.

But I don't believe."

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

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