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for Proper Care and Feeding of Samtastic Manual

10/14/2020 c1 Dan and Clay
Please can we get more of this, I love the idea of having a full medical history of Clay Spenser and Sam Braddock, starting from what their births were like, all the illness and injuries right up until now. I think you would be the best person for the job, I hope I've planted the seed and you write them. It would be incredible.
1/5/2020 c1 7girlinlotsoffandoms
Loved this!

In which of your stories did Sam get knifed?
11/1/2019 c1 Guest
PLEASE continue with this there is so much stuff to add that’s happened in your awesome stories. I’d like to read about how he needs to be careful with his chest with his lung scarring and also allergies etc Hope you have time to write more soon.
7/7/2019 c1 tsong97
That was really cool ... made me laugh!
6/26/2019 c1 PuPpyPound
This is so good! Makes me want to go back and read some of three stories referenced in the pointers. And I’m so happy you revised the FINE, too!
6/16/2019 c1 Scootermagoo
The FINE you put in is almost right it is actually. Fucked up, insecure neurotic and emotion not nervous.
5/15/2019 c1 83sammygirl1963
This awesome! Totally loved it and totally spot on about our Samtastic!
4/25/2019 c1 34JamForever
Love this!
4/24/2019 c1 6Hazmatt
Great story! I really enjoyed it!
4/23/2019 c1 Guest
please write the actual manual please
4/23/2019 c1 Chgrgal
Loved this great job.
4/23/2019 c1 summeronice
I always thought about how it could be ... :-)
4/22/2019 c1 2Elise Deschat
Worked for me...loved it...good way to start the day out...laughing with a smile on your face...thanks
4/22/2019 c1 48missblueeyes63
For those who notice the difference in the 'N' word in fine ... here the reason for the change.

After originally writing Belonging, I found a dictionary. The correct term to describe Sam's state is nervous, not neurotic.

Nervous is a state of anxiety, with synonyms of anxious, worried, apprehensive, on edge, edgy, tense, strained, stressed, agitated, in a state of nerves, in a state of agitation, uneasy, restless, worked up, keyed up, overwrought, wrought up, strung out, jumpy, on tenterhooks ...

Whereas neurotic is having, caused by, or relating to neurosis with synonyms of mentally ill, mentally disturbed, mentally deranged, unstable, unbalanced, maladjusted, psychoneurotic.

When Sam is FINE ... he is truly and deeply stressed, apprehensive, and overwrought ... he is not mentally ill. So, I decided to change neurotic to nervous.
4/22/2019 c1 OceanBlueSpirit
Great to see the Samtastic manual in operation, I’m sure Spike spent a while perfecting this. It was funny to read just how much is needed to look after Sam properly. It’s like he’s an eternal child who has never grown up.
Just one thing, wasn’t the N in Fine Neurotic, not Nervous? Just don’t remember it being Nervous.
Great little one shot, and great to see another Sam chapter. I’d love to see more. :). X
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