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for Die A Hero: The 151st Hunger Games

1/4/2020 c43 3IIJamesII
The journey is finally over and it sure has been a bumpy one. I think this is a great cliffhanger and subplot for The Bloodies Place On Earth!
11/24/2019 c43 jdawg6739
Hello Lupin! I have been reading your story and it is so good! The ending satisfied me so much! Keep up the good work with Bloodiest Place on Earth!
11/24/2019 c43 2AlexFalTon
This ending wasn't horrifying at all. Now, theres a Hydra cult searching for anarchy! Shit!

Good fic, Lupin. I'm giving you a thumbs up. It was good.

Also, I'm kinda fucking disappointed that this epilogue that didn't mention the fates of the tributes family members. Like, what the hell happened to Tabitha!? That's my one complaint. Other than that, it was good.
10/30/2019 c42 3IIJamesII
I have been reading this about an hour a day and after 3 days, I am finally done! This SYOT has given me so much inspiration to start a SYOT and I love every sentence and every character.

Arthur? Victor? Well that’s awesome! I mean I wasn’t rooting for a career I was personally rooting for Flourish. I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone would be anymore accepting since she is a victor and see what her life holds. But Arthur was fine with me!

10/25/2019 c1 1Guesttwelve
Day 12: And Then There Was One.

I never reviewed the finale huh? I have planned to review for this for ages but I currently have
generally a review drought. You know, real life being a bitch and I wanted to focus on my own story too. I didn't want to make a low effort review since well, Arthur won, but I need to bite the bullet and get this review out. At least I reviewed when it came out, and I read it immedietly when I woke up, because time zones. I only at first saw day 11, so I was pleasently suprised when I saw that the finale was also posted.

And I must say, this is your best finale yet! The constant switching between POV's really made it unpredictable and intense, as I was on the edge the entire time. When Arthur got his hand impaled by the knife I thought for sure he would bleed out and the fight would be between Carter and Warren. I also loved how you used the river in the fight, as most finales consists just of the finalist trying to hit each other.

RIP Carter: HANDS DOWN THE MOST UNDERRATED TRIBUTE IN THIS STORY! Man, I loved Carter! He remained on my Adore section to his death, since I just loved his personality. Even if I feel like his training backgroud was kinda unnecssary, he was a really complex tribute. The constant stress felt relatable and I liked how he was so fake to hide his panic. He would make a good victor aftar Arthur of course. I wish his alliance with Connor was more fleshed out since I think it would help him a lot, but I'm still very sad that he dies.

RIP Warren: Well, well, well Warren. You were a good tribute. Sometimes he felt a little too good at times, but he was a good character nevertheless. He were the fan favorite too, so I thought he would win. But I can see why you decided not too, but now I can just hope Salvo doesn't kill Tabitha or something. We don't see a lot of "dumb" tribute, for a lack of better words, so it was a breath of fresh air. He had common sense thankfully. He was kind of a push over at first, which I couldn't blame him, but it was nice to see that he became more brave as time goes on. Warren also racked up the highest kill count in this game, which was suprised. You will be missed by Tabitha, or her ghost incase she is dead, and basically everyone else lol.

NOT(!) RIP Arthur: Arthur! Arthur Arthur Arthur! Yes! You madlad actually did it! You won the games! Man, thank you so much Amanda! I absolutly adored the direction you took of him and I loved following his path during the games! He lost a lot and went through a lot of pain, but he still didn't take the insanity path that I was so afraid of. While he was going through a lot of change, you still stayed true to his character and victor Arthur still felt like Arthur! And for that, I am thankful! While I do concede that he is a reaped career and I could have done better with his backstory, which was understandebale because he was my sixt tribute ever made, I'm still happy with him. He was kinda dense and overconfident, and did what he thought was right until he realised it wasn't right lol.

I am so lucky to get a victor in the first game that has reached the end! Thank you Amanda for writing him so good and letting him win! I'm excited to see my baby in your future stories, and I can't wait for the Bloodiest Place on Earth!
10/18/2019 c42 RoseQueen3
I love cats! My dad is really badly allergic though.
10/17/2019 c42 4SongofFete
Aww, Coat Hanger! I've heard worse cat names, and I love cats. I think he and Arthur are going to get along just fine.
10/17/2019 c42 30Sparky She-Demon
I don't mind cats, I prefer dogs.
10/17/2019 c42 2AlexFalTon
Neat cat. :)

Also, Coat Hanger? Really? Hope Arthur gets better with his feline buddie.
10/6/2019 c41 AlexFalTon
Arthur - He is a troubled Victor. He won fair and scare, doesn't mean I like him to be a Victor, but he's suffering emotional right now so I could accept him.

1) a decade. That's enough, if he can't, chances are he'll never recover.
2) Yes, Kasumu is saying what I'm feeling, maybe she was rough around the edges but she can feel bitter. So close to victory Warren was. So close.
3) Bryce has a video record for Victor's to get over their trauma. Cool idea. But it doesn't sound like it's enough.
4) Kasumi is my spirit animal now.
10/6/2019 c41 ABitOfCreativity
Yay! Another chapter!
1. Nah, I don't think Arthur is going to recover. He's a little too messed up.
2. No! I agree with Arthur, she would have done the same thing.
3. I think so... Like, something about Kasumi going to kill Arthur with a butter knife? Idk.
4. Darn. Macy will always be my favorite. But Brice seems nice enough.
10/6/2019 c41 30Sparky She-Demon
Will you be showing the Victory Tour? Love the chapter!
10/5/2019 c40 SparrowBirdEliza
I always thought Warren was going to win, but congrats to Arthur!
9/30/2019 c39 Abitofcreativity
Ah,well, sad... No one I wanted is left:(. But now I get to choose more, so, yay!
NOT ARTHUR! He would totally go Annie and become insane.
I like Warren, but Tabitha probably is dead, so... I guess that leaves Carter? Idk. Love your stories!
9/30/2019 c40 4SongofFete
1. I'm afraid I was never that fond of Carter!
2. Yes, poor Warren. I hope he's acquitted himself well enough that Tabitha's okay now. Tabitha: if you're reading this, get yourself a decent disguise, sneak onto a train and get yourself out of District 6. Doesn't matter where you go; even Five and a dangerous factory job would be a picnic compared to the life you've been living. Your brother did this all for you, don't waste it.
3. Well done, Arthur. Poor Arthur, you're going to struggle with this. Three kills and you don't really understand why you did any of them. I hope you can live with the person you've become.
4. Yeah; me supporting any tribute's usually the kiss of death anyway :D
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