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7/26/2019 c1 15masami aomame
Hey, I just read your fic. but first let me make this clear, I have no idea what Once Upon A Time In Wonderland even is. to me it was just a story. I love reading stories, have loved it all my life and so I read it. I actually found it while checking your profile. I read your fic Rewriting A Fairytale a while ago. back then, I wasn't leaving reviews because I didn't understand how much they mean to the writers. I'm really sorry about that. I was checking that fic the other day and wondered if you still write fics since that one is from a decade ago. I personally find it kinda sad when writers leave a fandom. so, that's how I stumbled upon this fic. I just thought I'd try it.

I don't know who they are but your fic caught my attention from the very beginning. Cassandra's sorrow, the hopelessness inside her, it was heart-touching. the unfair death of Darian, her complete loss of interest in life, everything was beautifully written. her room, the way you described it, it felt as if colour has been drained away from her life. which was very much the exact case. when she was in that room, recalling the past, that to me was the most intense part of this fic. I absolutely loved the memories of her and Darian as kids. it was too precious. two innocent kids playing pirates and fighting with swords (fake though). also the scene where they were pinning each other against the tree and the kisses ಥ‿ಥ

I absolutely loved the characters of Emma and Henry. especially Henry was so cute. I loved how he encouraged Cassandra and the scene where she hugged her just melted my heart. I was also worried about his safety because of the guy (was his name Jasper? I forgot cause I don't know these characters). That guy appeared only a little but I got this ominous feeling about him. and also Cassandra's father.

I am happy she didn't become a nun and in the end got to meet Cyrus. I didn't get the husband wife part tho. and you left me hanging with a kind of open ending. I enjoyed it still.

for me, someone who has no idea about these characters and their storyline, I really loved the things you made me feel. about Cassandra's pain, her loss, her helplessness. when she was being told that she had made Darian up in her mind, I got so many conflicting feelings. the part where she thought no-one but someone she created in her imagination would love her. I felt such an emptiness. I liked mother superior. she was doing what she thought was best for Cassandra from whatever knowledge she had. her advice to Cassandra about having to let go of it all, it made sense from her point of view. she seemed like a kind person. I've already told you I liked Emma and Henry. The thing is, I have a feeling that I'd be able to appreciate this fic a lot more if I had proper knowledge of the show/series. but even without that, I enjoyed it a lot. your writing created this detailed image in my mind so that I was able to see everything clearly even though I couldn't make sense of everything. and you made me feel Cassandra's emotions. so, thank you for this story. I enjoyed it a lot. also thank you for Rewriting A Fairytale. I wish I had left you a review but it's been several months (maybe almost a year) and I don't remember enough details to leave you a review. I hope you are doing well. Take care.

PS: ignore my typos, I know there must be like a hundred of them. they just don't leave me alone.

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